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OrganizationSocial Media
100th Army Band  
100th Training Division  
103rd Expeditionary Sustainment Command

104th Training Division  
108th Training Command


143rd Expeditionary Sustainment Command


1st Mission Command

200th Military Police Command

201st Theater Public Affairs Support Element


208th Regional Support Group (HHD)  

244th Aviation Brigade


300th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment     

302nd Maneuver Enhancement Brigade
309th Military Intelligence Battalion  
310th Expeditionary Sustainment Command

311th Expeditionary Sustainment Command          

314th Public Affairs Operations Center 
316th Expeditionary Sustainment Command    

319th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment    

324th Expeditionary Signal Battalion


325th Tactical Psychological Operations Company (Airborne)

335th Signal Command(Theater)

342d Chemical Company
345th Combat Support Hospital


351st Civil Affairs Command

358th Public Affairs Detachment  

359th Signal Brigade  

361st Public Affairs Operations Center

362 Mobile Public Affairs Detachment

364th Expeditionary Sustainment Command    

377th Theater Sustainment Command

392nd Expeditionary Signal Battalion

3rd Brigade Headquarters, Army ROTC

3rd Medical Command      

411th Engineer Brigade "Brigade of Choice"

412th Theater Engineer Command        

416th Theater Engineer Command      

417th Engineer Company

423rd Transporation Company, US Army Reserves


432nd Civil Affairs Battalion

451st Expeditionary Sustainment Command

478th Engineer Battalion
4th Expeditionary Sustainment Command  

595th Transportation Brigade

5TH Battalion ARCD

63rd Readiness Division



646th Regional Support Group

6th Battalion, Army Reserve Careers Division

75th Training Command (Army Reserve) - Official        smugmug
76th ORC    

78th Training Division  
79th Sustainment Support Command    

7th Mission Support Command


807th Medical Command      

80th Training Command (TASS)


81st Regional Support Command    


84th Training Command  
854th Engineer Battalion
85th Support Command    

86th Training Division  

88th Readiness Division


89th Sustainment Brigade

8th Battalion, Army Reserve Careers Division

941st QM DET / US Army Reserve-PR


94th Training Division


95th Training Division  
979th Engineer Company

982nd Combat Camera Company (Airborne)

98th Training Division


99th Regional Support Command


9th Mission Support Command


Army Reserve Medical Command    

Bravo Co. 404th Civil Affairs Battalion - Airborne
Brig. Gen. Tammy Smith


Civil Affairs & Psychological Operations Command (Airborne) (USACAPOC)        

Deployment Support Command

Legal Command      

Lt. Gen. Jody J. Daniels, Chief of Army Reserve and Commanding General, U.S. Army Reserve Command



Reserve Affairs


U.S. Army Reserve Aviation Command

U.S. Army Reserve Careers Division

U.S. Army Reserve Command
U.S. Army Reserve Element - Defense Information Systems Agency

U.S. Army Reserve Private Public Partnership


USAR Pay Management Division


ALARACT 289/2013, Army Operations Security (OPSEC) Training for External Official Presence (EOP) Operators states that all commanders will ensure that those personnel who publish information on external online presences receive mandatory annual OPSEC training.

Social media managers are required to take two OPSEC courses. The first, OPSEC for EOP Operators, is accessed using the Information Assurance Training Center’s website.
Second is the DISA Social Networking Class, found at the Defense Information Systems Agency’s website.


This list recognizes Official Army Reserve social media sites. If you are an Army Reserve PAO or command representative and would like to add your Army Reserve Social Media site, please fill out the form and USARC Public Affairs, Digital Media Division will review your request. 

You MUST also register your site with See Below.

Registering organization social media sites through the social media directory is required. First, review the Standard Operating Procedure for Standardizing official U.S. Army external official presences (social media) (REVIEW) and ensure your social media site meets all of the requirements. Review and comply with the registration checklist. Visit: and register your site on the top right corner.

According to Directive Type Memorandum (DTM) 09-026 – Responsible and effective use of Internet-based capabilities, official online presences must “be registered on the external official presences list, maintained by the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs (ASD(PA)), on

Once your social media site is reviewed, approved and registered on the Army’s Social Media Directory, your organization will be in compliance with DTM 09-026.  Once Facebook sites are approved, they will be added to the directory and the URL will be sent to Facebook so that all paid ads will be removed from the Page. When a social media manager leaves the position, be sure to email to let the OSMD team know of the change so it can adjust the social media contact list. Directory The Army’s Social Media Directory ( includes links to thousands of official Army social media sites on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube and Vimeo. The directory makes it easy for Army social media managers to submit social media sites. It also allows users to search for social media sites currently stored in the directory. Each Social Media Directory entry has an icon for each social media site they maintain. This makes it easier to search for all of the social media presences belonging to a specific Army organization.