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NEWS | Oct. 27, 2016

Social worker enhances Army Reserve readiness through compassionate care

By Staff Sgt. Shawn Morris 99th Regional Support command

“It’s always heartwarming for me when I get e-mails from Soldiers who say, ‘Thank you for your help, I didn’t know that service was available,’ or, ‘You really listened to me – I was feeling like my life wasn’t worth anything, but you’ve given me encouragement.’”

Patricia Moloney, a contract employee with National Sourcing Inc. (NSI) who serves as the director of psychological health for the Army Reserve’s 99th Regional Support Command, said the satisfaction she receives from helping Soldiers is second only to the benefits these men and women in uniform gain from the resources she provides.

“I think those who serve should have the resources, and there was a time in our history when it wasn’t there for them,” said Moloney, a former Navy spouse whose son spent 10 years in the Navy. “To be able to say, ‘Let me help you, let me get you to the resource that can give you what you need,’ is an honor and a privilege.”

Moloney serves at 99th RSC headquarters in the Maj. John P. Pryor Army Reserve Center here, assisting service members from all branches and components with consultations, referrals, screenings and education on issues such as suicide prevention, substance abuse, domestic violence, financial distress, unemployment, homelessness, crises and anger management, deployment anxiety, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and casualty assistance.

“Anyone can contact me for help – it can be a Soldier, it can be a family member, it can be someone from the National Guard. We are not limited just to the Army Reserve,” explained Moloney, who spent 18 years as a licensed practical nurse before earning her master’s degree and becoming a licensed clinical social worker. “We collaborate with different branches, different government programs, and we all work together for what’s best for the Soldier.”

The Army Reserve recognizes that its Soldiers are the nation’s most valuable resource and is committed to treating each man and woman in uniform with dignity, respect and inclusivity. Ensuring Soldiers are compassionately cared for also enhances their readiness, giving them the best chance of accomplishing their mission.

“When a Soldier is having difficulties – whether it’s family difficulties, financial difficulties, anxiety about serving –what I’m able to do is give him that resource to be able to get the help that he needs so that he can deal with that issue,” Moloney explained. “When he can work that out, then he can be that better Soldier and be ready mentally and emotionally to go on that mission.”

Being responsible for the 99th RSC’s 13-state region as well as Germany, Moloney takes advantage of opportunities to reach out beyond the base by offering information and delivering briefings at venues such as the Association of the United States Army’s conferences and the 99th-hosted Yellow Ribbon and Mass Medical readiness Events.

“There are many Soldiers out there – dealing with PTSD, sexual assault, drug abuse, alcoholism – who feel lonely and that there’s nobody there for them,” Moloney said. “When they know there’s someone here who can help them and has an ear to listen to them and put them in the right direction, it means a lot.

“I always tell them that they can always call me – I’m always here, I’m available 24/7 by Blackberry, and they can call me day or night, I am here for them,” she added.

To reach Moloney, call 609-562-7580 or 571-623-6459.