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NEWS | Oct. 19, 2016

U.S. Army Reserve supports Hurricane Matthew Relief Efforts

By Maj. Michael Garcia 76th U.S. Army Reserve Operational Response Command

SALT LAKE CITY – Army Reserve Soldiers from Region III, IV, V and VIII Emergency Preparedness Liaison Officer (EPLO) Group began emergency relief operations in the Atlanta, Ga., Columbia, S.C., Raleigh and Fayetteville, N.C.  Friday, responding to the immediate needs of area residents affected by Saturday’s Hurricane Matthew damage.

The EPLO Group headquartered at Salt Lake City, Utah, responded to a request for assistance in order to mitigate human suffering in the area.

The EPLO’s mission is to serve as the United States Army Reserve liaison to Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) response to Hurricane Matthew.  Its capabilities include coordinating resources as required, typically through FEMA mission assignment process.  It maintains effective communication between the Department of Defense (DOD) components, DOD, and other state and/or federal governmental agencies and non-governmental organizations.  It promotes mutual understanding among various organizations tasked with providing and coordinating emergency support functions in civil emergency situations.  

Army Reserve units have capabilities critical to DSCA response, including search and rescue, aviation, engineer, transportation, medical and communications support. The Army Reserve has Soldiers and equipment in more than 1,100 communities across the nation allowing immediate respond to local emergencies. We stand with our nation in support of our neighbors and our primary concern is their safety and well-being.

Media wishing to interview any EPLO Army Reserve soldier please contact Maj. Michael Garcia, 76th Division Operational Response, Public Affairs Officer, at 801-656-3360 or