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NEWS | Sept. 20, 2016

Lt. Gen. Charles Luckey visits USAR Soldiers in PR

By Maj. Ruth Castro 1st Mission Support Command

FORT BUCHANAN, Puerto Rico - Lt. Gen. Charles D. Luckey, the 33rd Chief of Army Reserve and 8th Commanding General U.S. Army Reserve Command, visited the 1st Mission Support Command, its non-aligned units and Fort Buchanan, PR Sept. 15. Luckey swore-in June 30 as the senior leader for nearly 200,000 Army Reserve Soldiers across all 50 states and U.S. territories.

At 6:15 a.m., a formation of approximately 150 U.S. Army Reserve Soldiers from the 1st MSC, United States Army Garrison (USAG) Fort Buchanan, and other Reserve units on and near Fort Buchanan took off on a 5K run with Luckey; Brig. Gen. Alberto C. Rosende, 1st MSC commanding general; Col. Michael T. Harvey, USAG Fort Buchanan commander, and Brig. Gen. Hector Lopez, commanding general of the 94th Training Division in the lead. 

After the run, Luckey recited the Soldier’s Creed as the Soldiers sounded off after him. He reminded Soldiers that they are part of the 1 percent of the population that serves their country. “We recite the Soldier’s Creed to remind you of who you are and what we do for the American people,” said Luckey.

“It is always motivating to be back,” said Luckey. “Puerto Rico has some of the finest Soldiers in the history of America’s Army. Don’t ever forget what you represent, your motivation and spirit, your can-do attitude, dedication and a sense of purpose.”

Luckey took this opportunity to thank the Soldiers present for motivating him and for showing up. He talked about how his job as the Chief of the Army Reserve and the U.S. Army Commanding General consists of making sure he is at the right place at the right time. “It is this thing I call presence; showing up,” said Luckey. “Remember that as Leaders, where you go many times says more about who you are and what you care about than what you say. Sometimes showing up is the most important statement you can make. That’s why I am here.”

During his address to the Soldiers, Luckey mentioned how the Army Reserve needs to be a capable and ready force.  “Our job is to make sure that if, and when we are required to go somewhere, we are ready,” continued Luckey. “There is no better set troops of the United States Army that have better understanding of what being ready, really fast to do something quick means than you because this was the first piece of the U.S. Army Reserve that mobilized and deployed for 9/11.”

Luckey posed the questions of how the Army Reserve becomes the capable and ready force he expects. “With three simple things; Leadership, Energy, and Execution,” exclaimed Luckey. 

He emphasized how Leadership is the secret sauce and urging leaders to do their job. “You have to use everything you’ve got to the best of your abilities. Think of what you have and making it work. That’s leadership.”  

Second, he spoke about Energy: “You have to have it,” said Luckey. “Sometimes I have to fire people up. I have to motivate them. Sometimes all of you, motivate me. This is the Army, not a gang. You live in a culture where everyone thinks about themselves. That’s not who you are.” 

Finally, he talked about Execution and how it is about getting things done. “Take care of each other along the way. Treat each other with dignity and respect. Make things happen and adjust as you go,” he concluded.

Before continuing with his jam-packed schedule, Luckey took a moment to speak about Suicide. “This is a challenge for our nation, it isn’t about the Army,” he said. “The Army Reserve has a unique opportunity to help with this. Why? Because we are a connection to a lot of people for something that matters in their lives. Remember the need to listen, to pay attention and to inspire. Don’t minimize what others may be going through. Pick up on stuff, take care of each other and remember, you are always in the Army. 365 days a year.” 

During his visit, Luckey greeted the “Union Pan-Americana de Oficiales de Reserva de las Fuerzas Armadas” (UPORFA) leaders during the UPORFA Annual Meeting held at the Community Club on Fort Buchanan. During his remarks, he emphasized the importance of presence. “Part of my job is having to make a decision of where to be,” said Luckey. “My words are just words, but my presence is real. I want to do everything I can to support you and partner with you as we move into the future. I make my commitment to you as the USAR Commanding General that I will support you where I can, consistent with my responsibility to the United States.”

Luckey also had the opportunity to visit several facilities on Fort Buchanan which included a walk through and demonstration at the Joint Task Force Training Facility and the Fire Fighting Training Facility.