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NEWS | Aug. 4, 2016

Army Reserve participates in 11th Annual Arlington Heights National Night Out

By Sgt. Aaron Berogan 85th Support Command

Arlington Heights, Ill. — Thousands gathered in downtown Arlington Heights for the village’s annual National Night Out police event on August 2, 2016. 

NNO is a community event that occurs across the U.S. and Canada on the first Tuesday in August and is coordinated at the local level. 

It is a chance for the public and civil servants to gather in their communities to build a relationship and learn a little bit about each other. 

Many kids find great joy in the event, receiving the opportunity to interact with soldiers, have a up-close look at different gear and sit inside trucks from the US Army, local police, fire and alike first responders.

“I like the Army,” said Devyn, 5, Arlington Heights resident, jumping up and down. “They do great things for us.”

Army Reserve soldiers assigned to the 85th Support Command rolled into town with Maj. Lawrence Reid as the senior officer in their Humvee. Reid met with children and their families and talked to them about the Army and their service roles. He also presented families the opportunity to try on his tactical gear and sit in a Humvee. 

“In the 85th (Support Command) I think we should give back,” said Reid. “It’s a strong community that supports its local and federal government; it’s appreciative of the military and police.”

Mayor Tom Hayes, Mayor of Arlington Heights, attended the event to meet with residents and converse with soldiers and first responders. 

According to Hayes, NNO increases in numbers each year approximating this year’s event reaching more than four thousand attendees. 

The local community received the opportunity to meet Army recruiters from Mount Prospect and view a Search and Rescue Antonymous Hardware (SARH) demonstration that came from Fort Knox Kentucky to name a few of the activities taking place across the three-hour gathering.

Those who attended the event showed their support for their civil servants in thanking fire fighters, police, and soldiers for their service, and reminded those that wear a uniform Arlington Heights is a community that stands behind them.