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NEWS | March 13, 2016

76th Operational Response Command honors two leaders during a retirement ceremony

By Maj. Michael Garcia 76th U.S. Army Reserve Operational Response Command

FORT DOUGLAS, Utah – In a retirement ceremony held Saturday, Maj. Gen. Ricky Waddell, commanding general of the 76th Operational Response Command (ORC), recognized Col. Michael Rowells and Col. Anthony Demolina for their more than 30 years of service to the U.S. Army and the nation.

“Your job from this day forward is being a veteran; participate in the community events such as Veterans of Foreign Wars and American Legion, so that you can remind our people that a great republic is maintained thru the sacrifice of at least a few. Your other job is to remember those you served with. That's your job from now on - to remember and to remind,” said Waddell. He also expressed gratitude and recognized the sacrifices the family has made for both Rowells and Demolina.

Rowells entered military service in March 1984 as a private, earning the rank of sergeant, and later receiving an officer commission in the corps in 1986. He served as the first deputy Defense Coordinating Officer for FEMA Region-I, developing outstanding rapport with all federal, state, and National Guard partners resulting in unprecedented integration within the emergency management and Homeland Security communities. His ability to build teams, communicate ideas and develop others was evident during his final assignment as the Chief of Staff, 76th ORC. Rowells was accompanied by his son, Michael, and wife, Molly, who was recognized with flowers as a token of gratitude from the 76th ORC.

“I ask that everything you do bounce it on honor and integrity. If you do these few things, very seldom you’ll be wrong, and that’s what the Army needs,” said Rowells. He thanked his wife and kid, and other staff for the many wonderful memories experienced together.

Demolina entered military service in 1986 as an aviation lieutenant. While serving as the S-2 and S-3 for the 6th Battalion, 52nd Aviation Regiment, Demolina’s efforts enabled the unit to exceed all previous flying records for aviation units deployed to Operation Iraqi Freedom. Under his guidance and effort during his final assignment as the deputy Chief of Staff, G-7, the 76th ORC produced its all-encompassing command training guidance. His leadership in a multitude of critical positions across the entire Army spectrum has literally influenced thousands of Soldiers.

When it was time for Demolina to say a few words, he talked about his aviation experience in the Army. He said that until today, he stayed in touch with most of his peers, many are warrant officers, taught him to be a better leader. “Thank you everyone for all you do, and for what you do with the 76th and the Army,” said Demolina.

Following the ceremony, members of the 76th ORC paid final honors to the retirees by lining up shaking their hands and congratulating them for their success.