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NEWS | Jan. 26, 2016

Army Reserve leadership tours 63rd RSC facilities

By Alun Thomas 63rd Regional Support Command

YERMO, Calif. - The 63rd Regional Support Command provides class services and base operations support to more than 45,000 Soldiers, family members and DoD civilians across seven states in the Western U.S. from California to Arkansas.

Battlefield circulations are a key way for leaders to improve communication and enhance their situational awareness within a tactical environment. The same principle holds true for leadership of the U.S. Army Reserve who aim to better understand and serve personnel under their command.

James Balocki, command executive officer, Office of the Chief of Army Reserve, conducted such a visit when he toured multiple 63rd RSC facilities dispersed across four states, Jan 22-26.

The tour was comprised of visiting Area Maintenance Support Activity, Equipment Concentration Sites and Reserve Personnel Action Centers in Texas, New Mexico, Nevada and California, as Balocki met 63rd RSC personnel to find out what needs and improvements can be made to enhance their workplaces.

“The overall purpose of the trip was to meet with and learn from our military technicians in the 63rd RSC and find out the things we’re doing right and the things we could do better,” Balocki said. “Secondarily I wanted to see the facilities we’re operating in and how we can make the quality of life better for those working in them.”

Balocki said he was impressed with the facilities he visited, with many ranging from brand new buildings to far older ones.

“Some of the older ones are renovated and what I saw tells me there’s things we can do, but we’ve made good investments and they’re paying off for us,” he said. 

One of Balocki’s numerous visits was to ECS 171 in the remote location of Yermo, which although austere, doesn’t negate readiness, Balocki said.

“We’ve got good leadership here, a good workforce … quite frankly it’s exciting to see what they’re doing out here,” Balocki continued. “My other reason for coming to Yermo was because we’re trying to defend it as part of our military construction budget.”

“How successful I am in trying to do that on Capitol Hill or in The Pentagon really depends on me having a firsthand view of the situation and conditions on the ground,” he added.

Balocki praised the 63rd RSC for their continuing efforts and the leadership, which helps their facilities, run successfully.

“This is a first-rate outfit that’s doing incredible work … every one of our RSC’s is a little different and the 63rd RSC has the tyranny of distance to cover everywhere from California to Texas,” Balocki said. “I’ve had the chance to see that up close and personal over the last few days and the command is doing incredible things.”

“I’m really impressed with the talent, professionalism and skill I see and the dedication shown every day,’ Balocki said.