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NEWS | Sept. 30, 2015

MSU-E competes in Tactical Combat Casualty Care Competition

By Lt. Col. Jefferson Wolfe 7th Civil Suport Command

LOGRONO, Spain — The U.S. Army Reserve's Medical Support Unit - Europe was one of 16 teams to compete in the first international Tactical Combat Casualty Care Competition hosted by Spain Sept. 16-18 at the Center of Excellence.

The MSU-E, a subordinate unit of the 7th Civil Suport Command, provided one team of four Soldiers to participate in the TCCC competition. Each team was limited to 3 participants at a time.

The MSU-E team finished ninth out of the 16 teams. The top finisher was a team from Sweden.

There were three main events spread across three days. Each day, the participants had to demonstrate their ability at each task.

Day one, the teams had to conduct care under fire, extract two casualties and provide care. All teams had to flip a tire 50 meters before they began.

For day two, the team participated in tactical field care, travel in convoy, extract two casualties, stabalze and provide care.

Day Three involved tactical evacuation care, transporting one patient 1.5 km on a litter down hill and up an incline to a waiting medevac.