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NEWS | March 10, 2010

75th Division earns coveted Excellence Streamer

By Story by Master Sgt. Dave Thompson 75th Training Command

HOUSTON - The 75th Battle Command Training Division celebrated a proud moment Feb. 19 when Brig. Gen. James Sholar, Deputy Commanding General, United States Army Reserve Command, awarded the newly authorized Army Safety Excellence Streamer in recognition of the division’s record of achieving 12 consecutive months without a Soldier or unit at fault Class A or B accident. 

Chief Warrant Officer Robert Shultz, 75th Division Safety Officer, accepted the award on behalf of the division with Maj. Gen. Eldon Regua, 75th Commanding General, flanked by his side. 

Schultz, who is new to the division, was quick to give credit to fellow aviator and safety program director, Chief Warrant Officer Paul Paradis. Paradis, who is currently serving in Afghanistan, initiated a division-wide safety program that resulted in the recognition for the unit. 

"The 75th completely embraces an organizational culture of safety excellence," said Anna Gibbs, U.S. Amy Reserve Command Safety Director. Gibbs said the 75th whole heartedly created command and control measures that motivated Soldiers throughout their division to embrace and put into practice critical safety procedures.

The 75th Division is only the second Army Reserve unit to receive the safety streamer since its authorization last year.

"Commanders in the Army realize that safety pays dividends," Shultz said. "It’s very gratifying to receive this recognition, especially knowing that it takes everyone in the division doing the right things to make it happen."

The 75th Division, with its headquarters element at Ellington Field in Houston, comprises five brigades located in California, Texas, Illinois, Alabama and New Jersey and has some 3,000 Soldiers. Their primary mission centers on conducting state-of-the-art and doctrinally correct pre-deployment battle command and staff training for all military branch component forces in support of overseas contingency operations.

"I am honored and humbled to command this great division," said Regua. "This streamer represents the sum total of everyone’s commitment and dedication to each other, to the mission and to setting a standard of excellence we can all be proud of."

The Safety Excellence Streamer will be displayed on the division guidon for one year after which the 75th will have to qualify for the distinction again to continue flying it. 

"This safety benchmark is a remarkable achievement for our division when you consider how geographically separated our commands are," said 75th Division Public Affairs Officer Maj. Mark Williford. "We have many veteran Soldiers and leaders who have joined our ranks and embrace the benefits of a pro-active safety program," 

In 2009, the Division conducted Battle Command and Staff training for over 170 units that included Army Active Components, Reserve and National Guard organizations as well as units from the Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps.