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NEWS | July 7, 2015

Father, Son embrace Japan

By Story by Staff Sgt. Melissa McGaughey 9th Mission Support Command

SAGAMIHARA, DEPOT, Japan – If you’re looking for the best sushi joint in Tokyo, Capt. Roberto J. Perez would probably be the one to ask. That’s because the 303rd Maneuver Enhancement Brigade’s Chief Medical Officer is a frequent visitor to our neighbor to the west. 

“I come to Japan a few times a year,” said Perez. 

That’s because his son, Ryunosuke, is half Japanese. 

Capt. Perez has been with the 303rd MEB for three years. In that time, he has helped prepare and train the medical section, ensuring that the MEB is ready to provide the critical medical logistical support necessary to sustain the war-fighters in the field. 

And when he isn’t busy with his civilian and Army duties, Perez takes time to make sure his son gets to fully embrace his Japanese heritage. 

“He mostly identifies with his Japanese side,” said Perez.

Perez travels frequently to Japan with Ryunosuke. They usually spend time in Tokyo together before Perez takes Ryunosuke to stay with family in Shikoku, Kochi Prefecture, Japan. 

Although he is only 10, Ryunosuke has already decided that he wants to move to Japan as soon as he turns 18, said Perez.

“I’ve pretty much just accepted it,” said Perez. 

So every couple months Perez makes the trip to Tokyo. 

And as the 303rd MEB conducts exercise Imua Dawn here, Perez has found a new position that he can fill to support the unit: sushi subject matter expert.