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NEWS | June 27, 2013

Fallen heroes honored at 66th Annual All Wars Memorial in East Los Angeles

By Story by Sgt. 1st Class Corey Beal 79th Sustainment Support Command

EAST LOS ANGELES - Army Reserve Maj. Gen. Megan Tatu, joined elected officials, veterans and more than 300 community members to honor our Nation’s fallen heroes, May 27, at Cinco Puntos in East Los Angeles.

“This day is not meant to be a day of solemn mourning, but rather, a day of reverent celebration - honoring the character, strength, courage, and moral fortitude of the generations of men and women who answered the Nation’s call as ordinary citizens, to be placed in extraordinary circumstances,” said Tatu, commanding general of the 79th Sustainment Support Command.

Among those in attendance were Mayor-Elect Eric Garcetti, California Assembly Speaker John Perez., California Speaker of Assembly, 14th District Councilman Jose Huizar, and U.S. Army Reserve Ambassador Mike Teilman.

“Since 1947, members of the military, veterans, their families, public officials, and citizens of local and neighboring communities, have all come together here on Memorial Day to honor and remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of this country,” said Tatu. “...and I am incredibly humbled to be a part of this very special event.”

In the twenty-four hours leading up to the observance, veterans, active serving military personnel, law enforcement, public officials and citizens had all taken turns standing watch at the All Wars Memorial at the site.

Tatu stood the final watch standing side by side with Perez.

“That Vigil, which was established seven years ago by local veteran organizations, is one of the first in the country... And I cannot think of a more appropriate or respectful act to honor those who have passed in our name,” said Tatu.

As the guest observance’s speaker, Tatu spoke to the crowd of the cost paid for the freedoms we enjoy as American’s.
“Since the inception of our Nation, more than 1.3 million Americans have sacrificed their lives while preparing for or engaging in the final extreme to fight for our Country,” said Tatu. “More than 850,000 were combat related deaths… and since 9/11… more than 6,700 service members have given their lives during operations overseas.”

Tatu closed her remarks with a request.

“I ask you as we remember the fallen, that you also keep close those who stand shoulder to shoulder against terror and oppression to carry freedom’s torch in foreign land,” said Tatu. “Remember our men and women in uniform support their Families, never forget the missing and rejoice in the Freedom we are so blessed to share.”