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NEWS | May 5, 2015

Mother of two achieves dream, joins Army Reserve at 39

By Story by Staff Sgt. Kai Jensen 76th Operational Response Command

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah - Coming from a long line of family members that served, she had always wanted to join the military. But after high school she chose to raise her daughter, be a mother, and set her dreams aside. 

More than twenty years later, the army had raised its age limit and, with support from her family, she could finally serve her country. At 39 years old, Dawn “Michelle” Robinson joined the Army Reserve and is still serving today.

“She is a super mom and my inspiration,” said Bridgette Lynn Boyd, Michelle’s daughter and former Army veteran as well. “The Army is a better place with my mother serving, she is a model Soldier and wears the uniform with honor and integrity. Her service has brought us closer together.”

Robinson, a native of Arthur, Ill., was inspired and encouraged to join by her daughter, who was already serving on active-duty as an Army lightweight vehicle mechanic, and so in December 2007, went to Fort Leonard Wood, Mo. for training where she was the only female to graduate as “best of the best” from her MP company. She turned 40 four weeks after graduation.

“My entire family has served in one branch or another, but mostly Army,” said the now 46-year-old. “It has shown us strength we didn’t know we had and brought us closer together as a family. We truly understand sacrifice and how important family is to the success of a Soldier.”

During her military career Robinson has served as an MP, spent one year on an active-duty tour at Fort Carson, Colo. as a human resources specialist with the Garrison Support Detachment, and even worked in the same building as her daughter due to their husbands both serving in the same MP Company.

She attributes her ability to overcome challenges to her personal drive, always doing the right thing, and knowing that success isn’t measured in your achievements but in the achievements of those you lead. These are values she instilled in her children ensuring that they would have discipline, integrity and respect.

Currently Robinson is serving as the human resources noncommissioned officer, and works as the unit administrator, of the Transportation Command Army Reserve Element.

“It changes you in many ways to serve your country,” said Robinson. “I have found my strengths and weaknesses and work at all times to strive for better. In my seven and a half years [of service] I have no regrets. I am proud of my uniform, service, fellow Soldiers, and country.”