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NEWS | March 4, 2024

143d Expeditionary Sustainment Command Enhances Readiness Through Comprehensive Training Symposium

This brigade level annual event brings together military personnel from downtrace battalions and companies to hone their logistical and maintenance skills in a collaborative environment. Participants engaged in hands-on workshops and in-depth classroom sessions focusing on various aspects of logistics, maintenance, supply chain management, and equipment readiness. The symposium also addressed supply and maintenance issues in the Global Combat Support System Army (GCSS-A), supporting the command's focus on mission and material readiness.

Chief Warrant Officer 4 Jason Ardnt, senior maintenance advisor for the 143d  ESC emphasized the importance of these training initiatives. "When we have everybody in a group setting like this, we are able to get through processes in little pieces, while all sharing our experiences," Ardnt said.

"These training sessions provide us with the opportunity to refine our skills, learn new techniques, and collaborate with our peers. It's a valuable experience that helps us stay sharp and ready for whatever challenges come our way," added Erica Grant, material management contractor.

One of the key objectives of the symposium was to enhance unit readiness by improving maintenance procedures, supply chain efficiency, and operational coordination among different units within the command. By focusing on these critical areas, the 143d ESC aims to streamline logistics and maintenance processes, reduce downtime, and increase overall operational effectiveness.

In addition to improving technical skills and operational readiness, the training program also fosters camaraderie and teamwork among participants. "It's good to have a good face-to-face with the supply noncommissioned officers. You can establish those relationships and create an environment that’s comfortable for them to ask questions," Grant noted.

As the logistics and maintenance training program progresses, participants are expected to gain valuable insights, practical skills, and a renewed sense of purpose in supporting the mission readiness of the 143d ESC. By investing in these brigade level quarterly events, the command is taking proactive steps to ensure that its units are well-prepared, agile, and mission-ready in today's rapidly changing operational landscape.

This collaborative effort between the 143d ESC and the 207th RSG highlights the commitment of both organizations to enhance unit readiness and effectiveness through comprehensive training initiatives.