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NEWS | Feb. 9, 2024

Army Sustainment Command inspects Fort Buchanan’s programs

By Carlos Cuebas Fort Buchanan Public Affairs

Members of the U.S. Army Sustainment Command, G4, Readiness Division traveled to Fort Buchanan to inspect the command supply discipline program and the command maintenance discipline program at the installation’s Logistics Readiness Center (LRC), Jan 29- Feb 2.

“It is always good to have these touchpoints to see where we are as an organization. It is good to know what areas we are doing well in and identify areas for improvement. I appreciate the team effort and their findings,” said Col. Charles N. Moulton, Fort Buchanan commander.

The U.S. Army Command Supply Discipline Program is integral to all Army organizations. Its core focus is to standardize and enforce supply discipline and simplify command, supervisory, direct, custodial, and personal responsibilities.

Meanwhile, the Commander’s Maintenance Discipline program is designed to assist Garrison leaders in carrying out maintenance responsibilities on a day-to-day basis. This program simplifies command and supervisor responsibilities by standardizing requirements and formalizing follow-up procedures.

Some specific areas inspected at the only U.S. Army installation in the Caribbean were the property book program, the driver’s program, and supply operations.

“The LRC received commendable ratings on this inspection. On the Property book received a perfect score. We rated the command maintenance discipline program at 99%. In the S4 operations, we rated it as satisfactory,” said Chief Warrant 5 Wilhem Ortiz, Senior Ordnance Logistics Officer, during the presentation of the findings.

According to the inspectors, even though one area to improve is the administrative management of the Financial Liability Investigation of Property Loss program, the LRC Fort Buchanan had excellent inspection results.

"The property book is doing everything they are supposed to be doing. And they do it so routinely that all files are ready for inspection. I have no concerns about how the property book office runs its functions. They have done a fantastic job," said David Hankins, logistics management analyst.

For the inspectors, the review results reflect the hard work and dedication of everyone in the LRC team.

"Mr. Onel Colon (LRC Director) has a great team behind him. Everyone wants to be part of this mission. That is not what I see at other installations. Since I came on the door, you had all key players available and ready to face the inspection," said Ortiz.

Meanwhile, for Colon, this inspection was a challenge.

"This evaluation was complicated because it involved coordination with the Garrison staff outside the LRC that I do not control. However, these results are a testament to how we work daily to serve not only Garrison Fort Buchanan but all Title 10 units on the installation to ensure supply and maintenance operations are up to Army standards. I am very proud of my team. They are a team of professionals," said Colon.

The Logistics Readiness Center provides logistics support to service members and units assigned to or mobilizing at Fort Buchanan during peace or war. The center exercises authority over and develops plans and policies for all installation logistics activities, supply, maintenance, transportation, and materiel readiness.

Fort Buchanan is the Army's home in the Caribbean and is critical in enhancing our warfighters, their families' readiness, and quality of life. The installation serves a diverse military community of Reserve and National Guard units, the Marine Corps Reserve, and the Navy Operational Support Center.