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NEWS | Jan. 23, 2024

88th Readiness Division Soldiers embrace cold-weather training at Fort McCoy

By Christopher Hanson 88th Readiness Division

U.S. Army Reserve Soldiers from the 88th Readiness Division conducted cold-weather snowshoe training during their battle assembly weekend at Fort McCoy, Wisconsin, on Jan. 21, 2024. Despite the forecasted frigid temperatures in the negative double digits, members of HHD Company assembled at the installation's Whitetail Ridge Ski Area to train on the use and familiarization of snowshoes and proper wear of cold weather gear.

Led by HHD 1st Sgt. David Boots, the Soldiers trekked through various trails and then ascended the main ski hill. After the entire company reached the peak, they gathered to sing "The Army Goes Rolling Along." Shortly thereafter, they descended in a column back down to the assembly area to complete the training.

The 88th Readiness Division, headquartered at Fort Snelling, Minn., with staff at Fort McCoy is a two-star command which provides administrative services and Base Operations Support to more than 53,000 Army Reserve Soldiers throughout 19 states in the northwestern U.S. from the Ohio River Valley to the Pacific Coast.