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NEWS | Sept. 19, 2023

From squad skills to best thrills: Inside Army Reserve Best Squad Competition

By Staff Sgt. David Barrette 220th Public Affairs Detachment

Staff Sgt. Maady Nabih, a dedicated member of the 646th Regional Support Group (RSG), recently shared his insights on the Best Squad Competition, highlighting the extensive training and preparation undertaken by everyone involved.

"The cadre and competitors spent the past year training and preparing for this event, practicing and immersing themselves in various scenarios to ensure that they fully prepared for any eventuality," Maady explained.

One of the unique aspects of the competition that Maady emphasized was the diverse backgrounds and experiences that Army Reserve Soldiers bring to the table.

"They have outside jobs, different experiences, and ideas. This added benefit of diversity and perspective enhances our capabilities and the overall value we offer," he expressed. While not everyone may have the same level of muscle memory training, the mix of military and civilian experiences contributes to a well-rounded approach.

Maady also captured the essence of the Best Squad Competition as a platform for growth and camaraderie, where Soldiers can push themselves beyond their limits.

"It's a chance to meet outstanding individuals from various Army components and challenge yourself in ways that you wouldn't typically encounter during regular drill weekends," he encouraged.

Reflecting on the broader impact of the competition, Maady highlighted its role in preparing Soldiers for future missions and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

"The competition offers invaluable learning experiences that Soldiers can carry with them throughout their careers. It equips them with the skills and mindset to tackle challenging situations and strive for excellence," he articulated.

Maady's words encapsulate the spirit of the Best Squad Competition as a platform for personal and collective growth. The rigorous training, diverse experiences, and dedication to continuous improvement make it an extraordinary event within the Army Reserve.