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NEWS | Sept. 14, 2023

Army Reserve medic proves mettle at 2023 Army Reserve Best Warrior Competition

By Sgt. Alyssa Blom 220th Public Affairs Detachment

In a world where strength, resilience, and dedication to service often go unnoticed, one Army Reserve medic stood tall and strong at this year's Army Reserve Best Warrior Competition. Meet Cpl. Michael Glosemeyer, a skilled healthcare provider who became the embodiment of courage and determination as he stepped out of his comfort zone to participate in a competition designed for the fiercest warriors in the Army Reserve.

“What sets this competition apart is taking you back to the core Army skills. It reminded us why we joined the military in the first place – to be the backbone of the Army, to close with and destroy the enemy, and to protect our comrades. “ said Glosemeyer. “The feeling of representing our unit and the Army Reserve in this competition was a source of pride and motivation.”

Corporal Glosemeyer, a 25-year-old from Washington, Missouri, has always been the one to administer care in times of need, both on the civilian front as a Emergency Medical Technician and in the military as a Healthcare Specialist. His journey in the Army Reserve Best Warrior Competition, however, was one that pushed him to his limits.

The Best Warrior Competition, held annually, pits the best of the best from the Army Reserve against one another in a grueling test of physical fitness, mental agility, and tactical prowess. It's an event where Soldiers compete not just for bragging rights, but also for the honor of representing their units and demonstrating their commitment to service.

The decision to participate wasn't made lightly. The competition involves a series of demanding tasks that challenge even the most seasoned Soldiers. Participants are required to perform physically demanding exercises, navigate treacherous terrains, demonstrate their proficiency with weapons, and solve complex tactical scenarios. It's an event that separates the extraordinary from the ordinary.

But Cpl. Glosemeyer, who had always been committed to his military training, embraced the challenge head-on. He dedicated months to rigorous training, both physically and mentally. "It was tough," he admitted, "but I wanted to prove that being a medic doesn't mean I can't be a warrior too. I wanted to inspire my fellow medics and show that we can excel in any role."

Whether on the battlefield or in the medical bay, his commitment to service and spirit shine brightly. He has proven that a medic can also be a warrior, and in doing so, has inspired others to aim high and push themselves beyond their limits.

“The Best Squad competition has really increased my Army skills and knowledge,” said Glosemeyer. “As a medical unit, we focus on those tasks. This was a great opportunity to learn and grow as a Soldier. I’m grateful for the chance to participate.”