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NEWS | Aug. 10, 2023

Army Reserve 1st MSC hosts Operation Trazando Camino

By Spc. Eric J. Amaro Millan 1st Mission Support Command

The readiness of Soldiers is essential to not only the unit but the U.S. Army Reserve as a whole.

Special events arranged by the 1st Mission Support Command help Soldiers remain seasoned in their respective military occupational specialty.

Lt. Col Heath Dickinson, Staff Sgt. Darian Vigo and Sgt. 1st Class Marangelie Ramos discuss Operation Trazando Camino and why it is essential in the talent retention mission.

Staff Sgt. Vigo explained that the event targets all personnel wanting to further their careers. However, it focuses on those in excess positions in the unit manning report of their respective units.

"The purpose, first and foremost, is to provide career enhancement opportunities for soldiers in excess positions that don't have a clear career path," said Dickinson. "We're offering MOS reclassification opportunities to enable them to move into a MOS with upward mobility, and that they can pursue promotions."

According to Dickinson, the operation broadens noncommissioned officers' experiences by also offering broadening opportunities such as to become a drill sergeant, instructor, or controller trainer.

As Ramos stated, these broadening opportunities can provide other enhancement skill sets that will set soldiers up for success.

"We hope that it will lead them to consider broadening assignments, which helps them develop," said Ramos.

Lt. Col. Dickinson reveals that this will benefit the talent retention mission since they have one of the highest levels of volunteerism in the Army Reserve.