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NEWS | June 27, 2023

MIRC Welcomes New Commander and Command Chief Warrant Officer

By Maj. Joshua Frye Military Intelligence Readiness Command

The Military Intelligence Readiness Command held change of command and responsibility ceremonies June 3, 2023.

In a flurry of events, the MIRC conducted a change of command for the Training Support Command (TSC), a change of responsibility of the command chief warrant officers, and the MIRC change of command.

That day ultimately saw Col. Melissa Adamski succeed Brig. Gen. Joseph Dziezynski, while Chief Warrant Officer 5 William Davis assumed responsibility as MIRC command chief warrant officer.

The MIRC TSC kicked off the Saturday morning with a ceremony held in the unit’s reserve center. Col. Melissa Adamski passed the brigade colors to the TSC’s deputy commander, Lt. Col. Llexandra Landreth.

That afternoon, Chief Warrant Officer 5 Matthew Niedermeier relinquished responsibilities as command chief warrant officer in a ceremony held just prior to the MIRC change of command in Fort Belvoir’s historic Thurman Auditorium.

Maj. Gen. Eugene LeBoeuf, Deputy Commanding General, United States Army Reserve Command, presided over the MIRC change of command.

“Military intelligence enables us to function as an army and prevents us from being caught unaware by our enemies. The Soldiers are analysts and tactical experts, strategists who determine what information is essential to the ground commander, and who anticipate the flow of events in contested environments,” said LeBoeuf as he praised the Soldiers present for the ceremony and emphasized the importance of the MIRC’s mission.

LeBoeuf also highlighted some of the tough and realistic collective training Brig. Gen. Dziezynski oversaw. “He executed a major readiness overhaul for the command. He provided detailed guidance to unit commanders that prioritized limited training time and allowed them to develop real and meaningful ratings for teams and sections that can immediately be aggregated to deploy trained and ready MI units.”

Dziezynski, the outgoing MIRC commanding general, wished Adamski well. He emphasized that her familiarity with the unit is a strength. “Melissa, this is your time. You came up within this command, you know it inside and out, and have all the connections and relationships to succeed, and succeed immediately.”

“I'm especially proud of the 300 or so Soldiers we've mobilized each and every year for the last 20 years in support of real world missions all over the globe,” said Dziezynski.

He also acknowledged currently deployed MIRC Soldiers working behind the scenes supporting commanders at all echelons.

Adamski addressed the unit’s strategic focus. “I committed to partnering to build our portion of the intelligence force and teaming across all components. Training to integrate with maneuver forces and driving change to adapt and think to support the requirements of the future battlefield, while maintaining the grit and tenacity to fight as warriors. This is no easy task.”

“I know the amazing Soldiers and civilians serving in the MIRC, and I know together we will meet this challenge,” said Adamski before leaving the stage as the MIRC’s latest commander.

The MIRC provides deployable forces and vital support that enable intelligence operations, expeditionary missions, and international engagement. Its mission set includes conducting signal intelligence, strategic intelligence, counterintelligence, human intelligence, technological intelligence, and collection operations.