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NEWS | June 7, 2023

Army Reserve Cyber Protection Brigade's Subject Matter Expert Tech Exchange in Italy culminates with visit from Brig. Gen. Royce Resoso

By Capt. Jevon Thomas U.S. Army Reserve Cyber Protection Brigade

Brig. Gen. Royce Resoso visited the Army Reserve Cyber Protection Brigade and the Reparto Sicurezza Cibernetica in Rome, Italy to meet with the teams and discuss their Subject Matter Expert Tech Exchange event May 11, 2023.

The SME Tech Exchange is an event that provided a platform for the U.S. and Italy defensive operators to train together and learn valuable skills from each other that are then incorporated into training plans and tactics, techniques, and procedures.

ARCPB and RSC partnered with each other to conduct this event from May 2-12, 2023, at the Perotti Barracks, home of Italy’s Signal Command.

During this event they improved their skills by working together in hands-on labs and a cyber training environment to test participants' skills and abilities to identify, detect and eradicate threat actor presence and mitigate malicious cyberspace activities.

After a warm welcome from the RSC, Resoso, and ARCPB leadership met with their Commander, Brig. Gen. Davide Pilatti. The group spent time in Pilatti’s office becoming acquainted with each other and then proceeded to meet with the SME Tech Exchange leadership. Meeting with the teams provided a forum for the teams to present an overview of the event to their leadership.

Brig. Gen. Resoso, the deputy commanding general of 335th Signal Command (Theater), had this to say about the event, “These types of events in the form of Tech Exchanges with mission partners help pave the way towards establishing our strategic approach to identify, organize, and deliver Joint and Allied C2 capabilities to Combatant Commands across Cyberspace and the other warfighting domains.”

This type of event is not only a way to strengthen technical skills, but also the relationship between both nations.

“Strengthening relationships with our allied mission partners through deliberate interoperability, such as this event, generates a shared understanding of cyberspace, which enables us to effectively combat a rapidly evolving and complex battlefield together,” remarks Capt. Tung Le, Lead Planner for the SME Tech Exchange.

Resoso's visit to ARCPB and the RSC in Rome, Italy, marked a significant milestone in fostering collaboration and strengthening the bond between the United States and Italy. The SME Tech Exchange event provided a platform for defensive operators from both countries to train together, share knowledge, and enhance their skills in countering cyber threats. This event not only improved their technical expertise but also contributed to the strategic approach of delivering joint and allied capabilities across cyberspace and other warfighting domains. By promoting cooperation and understanding, such exchanges lay the foundation for continued partnership and effective defense against malicious cyberspace activities.