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NEWS | April 17, 2023

AR-MEDCOM announces Best Junior Soldier, Best NCO for Best Warrior Competition 2023

By Staff Sgt. Christopher Hernandez Army Reserve Medical Command

Four noncommissioned officers and five junior enlisted Soldiers vied for the distinction of "Best NCO" and "Best Junior Soldier" of 2023 Army Reserve Medical Command Best Warrior Competition (AR-MEDCOM BWC) that took place here, Mar. 28 - Apr. 2.

All nine competitors encountered a gamut of events and assessments that tested their endurance and aptitude. These abovementioned trials consisted of written examinations; a 12-mile ruck march; drill and ceremony; preventive maintenance, checks and services; water survival test; M4 Carbine and M9 Pistol qualification ranges; combat medical evaluations in the Medical Simulation Training Center (MSTC) here; day and night land navigation; the Army Combat Fitness Test; Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) qualification; casualty evacuation training and qualification through the Litter Obstacle Course here; obstacle/confidence courses; and an appearance board.

U.S. Army Reserve Cpl. Ethan Allen, recipient of the "Best Junior Soldier" title at last year's AR-MEDCOM BWC, said that preparation is key to success in order to prevail in the competition.

"If you fail to plan, then plan to fail," said Allen. "Obviously, before you compete in the competition, you want to be really invested in all of the events you think will take place. That way, you are prepared mentally and physically."

U.S. Army Reserve Sgt. Daniel Naes, a combat medic with the 7215th Medical Support Unit out of Saint Louis, Missouri, was unveiled as the recipient of the "Best NCO." U.S. Army Reserve Spc. Michael Glosemeyer, a health care specialist with the 7228th Medical Support Unit out of West Columbia, Missouri, earned the title of "Best Junior Soldier."

Despite the competitive nature of the 2023 AR-MEDCOM BWC, the competitors harbored a strong sense of camaraderie and esprit de corps.

"Everyone here was a great sport, and we were actually helping each other out in this competition," Glosemeyer said. "It's not just tooth-and-nail and knuckle-punch each other; we were building each other up as we were going here."

Following their respective victories, both Naes and Glosemeyer will represent AR-MEDCOM when they compete in the upcoming 2023 United States Army Reserve Command Best Squad Competition.

"It means more training, that's for sure," Naes said. "Because I know for sure that the next level is going to more difficult, and it's going to take a lot more studying for sure on my part. Both my family and my career have been supportive so far and they know that it is a sacrifice, but one that has a good end goal."

Glosemeyer said that the experience was both personally and professionally rewarding to him as well.

"You get to do training that you sign up for in the military, you get to see your command, shake their hands and get recognized, which sets you up well," said Glosemeyer.

"And when it came to just knowledge, our [Central Medical Area Readiness Support Group] did a great job in providing a week of training before we got here so we could get hands on weapons and swimming," Glosemeyer said.

That training impact goes beyond best warrior competitions. Naes plans to leverage his success at 2023 AR-MEDCOM BWC towards future career aspirations in the United States Army Reserve.

"One of my goals is to become a Drill Sergeant, and I know that this kind of training is going to set me up in a very good way," Naes said. "So whenever I do make that decision to go to Drill Sergeant school, I will be better prepared."

Both Naes and Glosemeyer were impressed with their experience in 2023 AR-MEDCOM BWC.

"I would like to say that this is the best competition I've been a part of, and the preparation on the cadre and the team has been amazing," Naes said. "It was very smooth throughout the competition, and I was highly appreciative."

"Thanks so much to the cadre for putting this on, and the command sergeants majors pushing us to succeed," said Glosemeyer.