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NEWS | March 20, 2023

Army Reserve Soldiers conduct cold-weather qualification

By Spc. Maximilian Huth 318th Theater Public Affairs Support Element

U.S. Army Reserve units with the 88th Readiness Division qualified on individual weapons at Fort McCoy, Wisconsin, to maintain unit readiness and prepare for upcoming operations on March 18, 2023.

Soldiers executed M4 carbine rifle qualifications tables involving shooting position drills, reduced shooting time, and barricade maneuvers to simulate realistic combat situations.

"It is more ‘do it on your own’, as you would do in a combat zone," said U.S. Army Reserve Sgt. Emmet Hickey, a motor sergeant with the 410th Medical Logistics Company at Milwaukee, Wisconsin, regarding the realistic feel of the qualification tables. "You're not going to have 'tell me when to shoot' or 'tell me where to aim.' It is more free flow."

U.S. Army Reserve Pfc. Lizbeth Guerrero, a medical logistics specialist with the 410th Medical Logistics Company, felt the challenge of the training helped prepare Soldiers for future challenges.

"It's a good thing we're doing this because everything is always changing," Guerrero said. "It's good that the Army is keeping up with those changes so that way the upcoming generation of soldiers are mentally and physically prepared for those challenges."

Despite their reserve status, U.S. Army Reserve Soldiers drive to meet the Army standard with every training opportunity.

"Even though we are part-time Soldiers, as many people call us, we are still Soldiers," Guerrero said. "We are supporting the United States Army and it is very important in case we get deployed or there is a war. They are going to call us, and we have to be prepared."

The units involved in the qualification were the 318th Theater Public Affairs Support Element, the 368th Public Affairs Detachment, the 410th Medical Logistics Company, and the 719th Medical Detachment Veterinary Services.