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NEWS | March 10, 2023

A look at 1st Mission Support Command antiterrorism program

By Staff Sgt. Katherine Ramos Muniz 1st Mission Support Command

Recently, personnel from the U.S. Army Reserve Command G3/5/7-G34 Protection Directorate inspected the 1st Mission Support Command antiterrorism program at the command's headquarters.

Theodore Szakmary led this effort, the antiterrorism forward support team supervisor, whose focus was to determine the optimization of existing resources to effectively mitigate the risk of injury, death, or property damage due to terrorist incidents.

An antiterrorism program requires risk management, planning, training and exercises, resource application, and comprehensive antiterrorism program review.

During the last day of evaluation, Szakmary briefed the 1st MSC Commanding Officer, Col. Carlos Caceres, to reveal the final score and findings: For the first time, an Army Reserve geographic command obtains 100 percent on the antiterrorism inspection, he said.

"This achievement is important because not only are we spreading awareness, but also we are training the identified personnel to fulfill their roles as antiterrorism officers, preventing an identified possible terrorist threat that could significantly impact our community," said Sgt. 1st Class Julian Rodriguez from the 1st MSC Provost Marshal Office. "Commanders should continue promoting antiterrorism measures and awareness to prevent any significant event within their area of responsibility."

For this inspection, the 1st MSC demonstrated the executed antiterrorism actions during the last three fiscal years entailed antiterrorism officers' certification, risk assessments, program reviews, alert notifications, and active shooter exercises.

"The positive integration with federal and local agencies enabled us to execute the metrics hence mitigate the identified vulnerabilities and minimize any suspicious threat in our region," said Sgt. 1st Class Antony Nieves, 1st MSC antiterrorism officer. "Partnerships were vital during the multiple active shooter exercises as we delivered real-live scenarios to maximize the training opportunities."

Speaking about partnerships, the 1st MSC PMO recognized the role of Jimmie Leonard, the region antiterrorism assessment supervisor, as his support was instrumental in this achievement.

"We were honored to work alongside Mr. Leonard; our best wishes upon his well-deserved retirement life" said Sgt. 1st Class Rodriguez.