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NEWS | Jan. 3, 2023

Graduating Soldier has a medical roadmap to success

By Sgt. John Todd 314th Theater Public Affairs Support Element

Having a plan is crucial to walking the road to success, and U.S. Army Reserve Sgt. Rebecca Waters seems to have it down to a “science.”

A native of Gainesville, Texas, Waters has been a medic for over 13 years, and a Combat Life Saver course instructor for over five years.

Currently assigned to the 490th Chemical Battalion in Anniston, Alabama, Waters gives credit to her family for exposure to not only a joy in learning, but also the military way of life. She has a legacy of family members that have shown her aspects of the military, and how beneficial it can be toward your goals.

“I've had plenty of relatives who retired from the military,” said Waters. I have two aunts that have retired – one from the U.S. Air Force, and one from the U.S. Army.

Education was of great importance to Waters, as her mother heavily influenced her during childhood.

Graduated from the University of West Georgia in 2008, Waters earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. Currently, she is near completing another hallmark in her life, as she is graduating from Troy University with her associate degree in Nursing.

“Earning my degree in Nursing has helped me to kind of understand the whole process and I think I'm a better caregiver for that,” said Waters. “I’m better able to take care of the patient, mentally as well as physically.”

“You just can't give somebody a pill and expect it to solve everything,” said Waters.

Earning her degree in nursing is a path etched in her journey long ago, where she discovered a talent for solving problems.

Waters reminisced about times during her childhood where she and her mother would do science experiments, sometimes in the living room, and sometimes in the kitchen.

“I get kind of a rush when I am trying to solve the unknown,” said Waters. “Every case to me is like a puzzle, and I have always loved puzzles when I was growing up.”

Another hallmark was her desire to join and flourish in the military.

Her decision to join turned out to be quite beneficial, as she developed skills not only in the medical field, but also life skills, which she uses, even today.

“I have learned to listen to my Soldiers,” said Waters. “It's helped me to direct them into the areas where they can best be served.”

Ultimately, Waters has created a path toward a dream that she plans to accomplish within a seven-year timeframe, before retirement comes knocking.

“My end goal before I hit my 20th year is to be in the Nursing Corps doing critical care,” said Waters. “I have other goals as well, such as deploying as a nurse, and of course, retirement.”

The next hallmark? Having a family.

“The only thing I haven't accomplished is having a family,” said Waters. “And, I look forward to doing that.”