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NEWS | Nov. 3, 2022

Inspector Certification Course enhances unit readiness

By Cheryl Phillips 88th Readiness Division

Nine students from across the country converged here Oct. 24-27, 2022, to learn how to inspect vehicles and equipment. They also learned how to “inspect the inspector.”

The number one goal of the Inspector Certification Course is to enhance readiness with serviceable equipment and vehicles to help units achieve their mission, said instructor Chad Kleifgen.

One trio of students inspected a medium tactical vehicle. They were all from Area Maintenance Support Activity 149, Boise, Idaho. The length of time it takes to inspect this type of vehicle depends, because “you want to look over everything, including tires, the frame, lines, batteries and wipers” to name a few, according to Ted Kelly, a mechanic with AMSA 149. Also, the engine is started, the interior is scrutinized and fuel tanks are inspected to ensure the wire mesh is present. The mesh prevents debris from entering the fuel.

Kelly said that during an initial examination, an inspector will list all deficiencies, look up needed parts and determine the cost and manhours for the required corrective action.

Services are conducted once a year. New vehicles coming into a shop or unit are inspected, and when they are transferred to another unit. The inspections are done to 10-20 maintenance standard.

Jake Peck, a mechanic with AMSA 149, said it was beneficial for the trio to take the course together. “We’re used to working together. We know what each is good at and we can help each other,” he said. “This helps build camaraderie.” The third member of the team was Horacio Sandoval, a senior mechanic.

Peck said he learned to use the Federal Logistics site for the first time. FEDLOG is a catalog of millions of supply items.

Acknowledging its benefits, Peck recommends the Inspector Certification Course to other mechanics to help them learn the process. He explained that AMSA 149 has just one inspector, so having three people attend the course will help the facility keep up with examinations.

Kleifgen said the inspectors verify the work done by another inspector, ensure the paperwork is done correctly and confirm the flow of turn-ins is done properly. He added that inspectors are appointed by the activity.