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NEWS | Aug. 12, 2022

88th Readiness Division mechanics gain in-depth knowledge during course

By Zachary Mott 88th Readiness Division

Mechanics from Equipment Concentration Site 67 here are attending a week-long field level maintenance certification course to learn more about the family of medium tactical vehicles, Aug. 10, 2022.

“The schoolhouse is a place where you can learn the stuff that you don’t do every day,” said Brant Amble, instructor, Fort McCoy Draw Yard, 88th Readiness Division. “To look at it and talk about why something breaks and what breaks more commonly in these vehicles.”

Through this certification course, the mechanics attending learned about where each of the components are within the system as well as how to troubleshoot them to determine where an issue might be.

“For techs like this, they’re in the shops, they’re doing the wheels, they’re doing the service type stuff, the scheduled type of service maintenance to these vehicles,” Amble said. “They don’t get any time doing unscheduled stuff, troubleshooting, figuring out what's wrong. You also need to figure out what part is bad instead of throwing parts at it.”

Jose Soto, who is a mechanic at ECS 67 as well as an Army Reserve engineer Soldier, used this training opportunity to grow his skillset as a mechanic.

“I take a class every chance I can get, even if I’m comfortable with the vehicle,” said Soto, who has worked as a mechanic at ECS 67 for about one year. “I wanted to take the class because they’re going to explain stuff that not everyone has told me. It’s going to get into the little things that the more experienced mechanics might look over. I’m trying to learn it.”

Amble said that diversity of skills allows all who attend to gain something from the training.

“It’s a real good place for guys and gals to come in, they have different backgrounds and different levels of experience and then they can share that information,” he said. “I’m kind of a conduit (for that information sharing).”

Soto said he has learned a lot from this course and is looking forward to more training opportunities like this to help him be better able to assist in vehicle readiness at ECS 67.

“These classes that they set up for are really good and I’m glad ECS offers me the opportunity to come here,” he said.