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NEWS | June 6, 2022

“Golden Acorn” Division hosts change of command

87th Training Division

Brig. Gen. Todd M. Lazaroski relinquished duties as the commanding general of the 87th Training Division, located in Hoover, Alabama, to Brig. Gen. Kelly A. Hagenbeck during a ceremony held at Hanson Reserve Center on June 4. 

The 87th TD, known as the “Golden Acorn” Division, reactivated in October 2021 with Lazaroski at the forefront. 

“Reactivation under a new mission and new construct was not an easy task,” said Lazaroski. “There was no manual on how to stand up a division. It was a self-learning process every step of the way.”

Outgoing commander, Lazaroski thanked the distinguished guests and visitors, specifically naming a few key guests for their guidance, support, and mentorship throughout his command. He also recognized his family for their passion, devotion and dedication in support of his mission to activate the 87th TD.

The 87th was deactivated five years ago with a rich and significant history having fought battles in WWI and WWII. Throughout several decades, the unit went through a series of activations and deactivations until it was recently reactivated as the fourth training division for the 84th Training Command. The vision of the "Golden Acorn" Division is achieved through a common understanding and persistent leaders and staff. This shared visualization is now under the command of Hagenbeck.

The history, tradition, and accomplishments of the 87th TD are embodied in the colors. With the transfer of the colors goes the transfer of responsibility for the accomplishments of the unit and the welfare of its Soldiers. The passing of colors from an outgoing commander to an incoming commander ensures that the unit and its Soldiers are never without official leadership, represents a continuation of trust, and signifies an allegiance of Soldiers to their unit's commander.

Maj. Gen. Miguel A. Castellanos, commanding general of the 84th Training Command, presided over the ceremony, accepting the colors from Lazaroski as he relinquished command and handing them to Hagenbeck, symbolizing the transfer of authority.

In his remarks, Hagenbeck said he is humbled by the trust and confidence that has been placed in him to lead the 87th TD. He thanked Castellanos, Lazaroski and other distinguished guests for their continued support and mentorship, adding that he is honored to serve on the 87th TD team.

Previously, Hagenbeck served as the deputy commander of the 4th Sustainment Command, assisting the commanding general in executing mission command, providing sustainment, and achieving operational and Soldier readiness to over 6,000 Soldiers and civilians dispersed across five states. As the incoming commanding general, he says his top priorities are people and readiness.

“To the Soldiers of the 87th Training Division, I am humbled to be able to join your ranks and be part of an organization with such a proud image and reputation of excellence," said Hagenbeck " I will endeavor to do my best to carry on the legacy of this organization and give you my best effort each and every day.”

Additionally, he stated his short-term vision for the unit is to recruit Soldiers into the 87th TD and grow its capacity to become the premier training division in the U.S. Army Reserve. His goal is to be sought after by name from the operational force to build trained and ready Soldiers.