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NEWS | April 22, 2022

Tri-service base celebrates Army Reserve's 114th birthday

By Staff Sgt. Shawn Morris 99th Readiness Division

Service members and civilians from several military branches gathered at 99th Readiness Division headquarters here April 22 for a cake-cutting ceremony to celebrate the U.S. Army Reserve's 114th birthday.

"Army Reserve assets continue to support Soldiers and families throughout the northeast region by providing key training areas, facilities, programs and services," said Col. Jon Brierton, commander of U.S. Army Support Activity-Fort Dix and deputy commander-Army of JBMDL. "We compliment and we contribute to the mission of the Army Reserve, which is to provide combat-ready Soldiers to the Army and the Joint Force across the full spectrum of operations."

This year’s birthday theme is “America’s Army Reserve and its People, Shaping Tomorrow.” Through every war, operation and emergency at home and abroad, the dedication and courage of Army Reserve Soldiers and Civilians have never failed to meet the challenges of their time. They provide mission-critical manpower and capabilities the Army needs to fight and win on the battlefield, as well as immediate assistance in the homeland in times of crisis or natural disaster.

"Throughout history, Army Reserve Soldiers have leveraged professional skills while serving in uniform, adding substantial value and depth to the force with skills, education and expertise acquired in the private sector – they are our doctors, lawyers, academics, scientists, engineers, cyber specialists, first responders, transportation specialists and administrators," Brierton said.

The Army Reserve evolved from a small corps of medical professionals in 1908 to what it is today - the best-trained, best-equipped and most ready Army Reserve in the nation’s history. The force has over 200,000 Soldiers and Civilians in all 50 states, 5 territories and 23 countries.

"Since our inception as the Medical Reserve Corps on April 23, 1908, the United States Army Reserve has mobilized more than one million Soldiers in defense of the Nation," Brierton explained. "Through two world wars, Korea, Vietnam, the Cold War, the Persian Gulf, the Global War on Terrorism, and countless other operations, emergencies and natural disasters, Warrior Citizens have never failed to answer their nation’s call."

The Army Reserve Command will celebrate throughout the week with a leadership fitness challenge, cake-cutting ceremonies and several other events. Please join in the celebration by using or searching #USARBirthday114 on social media platforms.

The U.S. Army Reserve remains ready today as the dedicated federal reserve force the Army needs to fight and win America’s wars while shaping the force to meet the challenges of tomorrow.