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NEWS | Dec. 15, 2021

9th Mission Support Command Announces New Command Sergeant Major

By Phil Regina 9th Mission Support Command

FORT SHAFTER FLATS, HI - Col Mark W. Siekman, the commander of the 9th Mission Support Command (MSC) officially announced his choice for the new 9th MSC command sergeant major last week.

Command Sgt. Maj. Corey A. Thompson, the current CSM for the 83rd U.S. Army Reserve Readiness Training Command will replace Command Sgt. Maj. Jessica Baird as the new CSM for the 9th MSC.

The date of the official change of responsibility ceremony is yet to be determined. In the meantime, Thompson wanted to express his enthusiasm to begin his tenure as the Pacific Army Reserve’s Command Sergeant Major.

“I would like all Officers, NCOs, Soldiers and Civilians of the 9th MSC to know that I am not the Command Sergeant Major, I am YOUR Command Sergeant Major, and I do not take this position lightly. My goal is to be a force multiplier and pick up where CSM Baird left off and ensure our team is ready when needed,” said Thompson.

“I want our team to understand that families, training, sponsorship, this is my squad (TIMS), and retention are all priorities. If we focus on these areas, the rest will take care of itself. I look forward to serving with each and every one of you, and Team Thompson is ready for the ride,” added Thompson.

Thompson brings a wealth of experience to the position, but for Thompson, experience is not the only factor in being a successful leader.

“In my career I have been on Active Duty, Reserve Duty and assigned to multi Compo Organizations, and what I have learned is great organizations are built on trust. Mutual trust between Officers, NCO’s, Soldiers and Civilians, all rowing the organization in the same direction. I have also learned trust is earned, and I will work to earn that trust,” added Thompson.

Command Sergeant Major Baird leaves behind a fine legacy of leadership and a culture of putting the Soldiers of this command first. For Baird, her departure is bittersweet. 

“The 9th MSC is unlike any command in the Army Reserve and I can say, unequivocally, that this assignment will be the highlight of CSM Thompson’s career and an experience he will talk about for years to come,” said Baird. 

“The 9th MSC is more than a command, it is an ‘ohana.’  When you join this command, you will serve alongside Soldiers, Civilians, and Families whose humanity and love for each other is unmatched from anywhere I have ever served or lived.  This is a culture of compassion, support, and loyalty that is personal and endearing.  I truly will miss being a part of this ohana,” added Baird.