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NEWS | Dec. 6, 2021

Army Reserve Soldiers Integrate with Allies in South Korea

By Lt. Col. Steven Bittle 9th Mission Support Command

Camp Humphreys, SOUTH KOREA — The 9th Mission Command's 658th Regional Support Group (RSG) spent their November battle assembly meeting and training with the Republic of Korea (ROK) Army Mobilization Forces Command at Camp Humphreys, November 4-5. Such joint training and communication strengthens the ability of both units to operate cohesively and reinforce their combined battle skills.

The Mobilization Forces Command (MFC) MFC has operational command over several ROK Army divisions in contingency operations with Infantry, Field Artillery, Armor, Military Intelligence, and Engineering capabilities.

"Understanding and training with MFC is our goal. Knowing who is on our left and right and training with them is key in our preparation to ‘fight tonight’. To do so, the 658th RSG intends to improve upon our interoperability with our Republic of Korea (ROK) allies," said Col. Sam Hunter, 658th RSG commander.

In addition to joint training with the MFC, elements of the 658th executed reception, staging, and onward integration (RSOI) in support of the Korean Theater of Operations (KTO) and also conducted base camp organization, operations management, base security and defense, and sustainment support.

“It’s more important now than ever that the ROK Army is prepared to ‘fight tonight’. As allies, it’s the United States Army’s responsibility to assist the ROK Army in any way possible. We demonstrate this unity through training programs that help them grow in their abilities,” added Hunter.

The 658th RSG also conducted meetings with key staff from the MFC to plan integrated training events with the ROK Army. During these meetings, they discussed combined training opportunities and the MFC expressed interest in working with 658th RSG leadership to observe best practices to incorporate in the training of their Reserve forces.

The 658th also helped coordinate a tour for the MFC at the Training Support Activity Korea (TSAK) located on Camp Humphreys. The TSAK provides Eighth Army and its subordinate units the full spectrum of Training Support System Enablers.

"If we fight tonight, our chances of winning have increased exponentially. The 658th met with us and wants to train together in a truly combined effort that is astonishing and good for both country's relations. This partnership between MFC and the 658th RSG will focus on maintaining and improving readiness,” said Col. Sung Gyun Kang, Chief of Mobilization for the MFC.

“Fight Tonight’ is not just a phrase used to instill readiness. It’s a motto that continues to strengthen and build upon itself with every meeting and collaboration with the ROK Army. The outcome of this engagement is that the 658th RSG will plan future arrangements with MFC,” said Hunter.