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NEWS | Nov. 1, 2021

USACAPOC(A) commanding general receives second star

By Sgt. 1st Class Lisa M. Litchfield U.S. Army Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Command (Airborne)

In a well-attended ceremony held Oct. 25, 2021 in the command's Memorial Garden at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, Maj. Gen. Jeffrey C. Coggin, commanding general of the U.S. Army Reserve Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Command (Airborne), was pinned with his long awaited second star by his wife, Diane Coggin.

The ceremony was hosted by the commanding general of the 200th Military Police Command, Maj. Gen. John F. Hussey. Hussey welcomed family, friends and fellow service members before speaking from the heart to honor his friend and fellow commanding general.

“This is definitely a great day for Jeff, but guess what? It’s not all about him,” Hussey said. “There is no way Jeff is here without his family.”

Seated in the audience, Coggin’s wife, Diane, daughter Kristin, son Kevin, daughter-in-law Paola and brother William, were gracious in their acknowledgment of the applause that followed those remarks. Hussey went on to speak of others who had influenced the careers of both general officers on their career path.

“I wouldn’t be here today without all the officers, particularly the Noncommissioned Officer Corps that got me here, I know Jeff feels the same way,” Hussey said. “So you made him, each of you made him,” he explained.

Following Hussey’s remarks, the crowd rose to stand at attention while the promotion orders were posted and Diane Coggin removed her husband’s one-star rank, replacing it with the new two-star designation. Meanwhile, daughter Kristin helped her father swap out his previously worn one-star beret for new maroon headgear with the appropriate two-star cluster.

Lt. Col, Lauren Sharpless, USACAPOC(A) assistant chief of staff, and adjutant for the promotion ceremony, explained the military history of the flags, standards, and banners of the military in recognizing the organization of troops. She also extolled honor bestowed upon general officers by the War Department in the designation of the red flags with white stars that are used today.

In keeping with that honor, Coggin was assisted by his son Kevin in the uncasing of his two-star flag that will travel with him as he represents USACAPOC(A), and will be seen outside the headquarters when he is present there.

Sgt. 1st Class Alexander Duncan, noncommissioned officer in charge for the USACAPOC(A) Strategic Initiatives Group (SIG), received the flag from Coggin, and as directed, posted the colors in replacement of the previously displayed one-star flag.

Coggin concluded the ceremony by thanking his Family and those he had served with for his continued success.

“I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for my family,” Coggin said. “This day really isn’t about me. It’s really about the family and everyone who has supported me, mentored me and led me along the way.”