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NEWS | Aug. 26, 2021

257th TC conducts drivers' training for HET

By 1st Lt. Janeen Phelps 650th Regional Support Group

U.S. Army Reserve Soldiers from the 257th Transportation Company (Heavy Equipment Transporter) conducted training exercises for 41 Motor Transport Operators (88M) and 4 Wheeled Vehicle Mechanics (91B) during annual training this month.

Staff Sgt. Donald Tillery, Training Non-Commissioned Officer, oversees training on several exercises, including downloading an M60 tank using winches on the M1070-A1 transporter unit, as well as a familiarization of the M1000 semi-trailer.

When asked about how this year’s training differs from last year’s annual training, Staff Sgt. Tillery said, “We’re going a little bit more into detail.” The 257th Transportation Company (TC) conducted last year’s training at the National Training Center located at Fort Irwin, Calif., where Heavy Equipment Transporter training was provided for new drivers. This year’s intensive training is being conducted in and around Las Vegas and Nellis Air Force Base, where the unit is located.

Drivers took turns operating the largest vehicles in U.S. Army’s fleet. “We trained about an hour and a half past the typical time, just because for safety purposes it took longer. So, we continued to train past the scheduled time.” Staff Sgt. Tillery explained. He went on to discuss that for the 257th TC, training to standard and not to time is typical for the Company, especially when it comes to convoy training. He also discusses that training in this manner “sets a good precedence.” He goes on to mention that the drivers (as well as those being cross trained to drive) do not have a monotonous job. “We’re hauling forklifts. We’re hauling bulldozers. We’re hauling tanks. It’s always different.”

The 257th TC, known as “Rolling Thunder”, is a Transportation Company under the 314th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion. The mission of the 257th TC (CBT HET) is to relocate heavy maneuver forces on the battlefield and provide heavy equipment transportation for operational and tactical relocation.