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NEWS | Aug. 12, 2021

Supply sergeants enhance skills and unit readiness

By Cheryl Phillips 88th Readiness Division

Senior non-commissioned officers learned the nuances and power of GCSS-A – or Global Combat Support System-Army – during the Unit Supply Specialist Senior Leaders Course here the end of July 2021.

GCSS-A is a logistics and finance system that enhances unit supply operations. Supply sergeants use it to track supplies, spare parts and organizational equipment; and manage inventories and hand receipts.

The 26 NCOs in the course are also increasing their capabilities “to prepare them for the next phase of their career,” Master Sgt. Shawnee Burkes, course manager with the 94th Training Division, Fort Lee, Va., said.

Burkes has seen a lot of changes in supply processes and systems during her nearly 25-year military career. She explained that in the past, she’d have to wait two weeks to get a response from another unit when looking for supplies; now it can be obtained in 24 hours. Also, the time to transfer the supplies has been reduced by two-thirds.

“The [GCSS-A] system is worldwide, from active Army to Army Reserve to Army National Guard, one system,” Burkes said. “It’s an evolving system.”

For Burkes, it’s evident that the course enhances unit readiness. “GCSS-A gives Soldiers the ability to dig deeper into records and learn things they don’t know,” she said. “When Soldiers leave the course, they’ll know how to bring their unit from yellow to green in the Unit Status Report, improving readiness ratings.”

One of the students was Staff Sgt. William Barber, E Company, 1-35th Assault Helicopter Battalion, Whiteman Air Force Base, Mo. He’s taking the course “to progress my career and learn something I didn’t know. The course is giving me more tools to use with GCSS-A that I didn’t know were at my disposal.

“I also want to be a better leader,” Barber added.

Another student, Staff Sgt. Aaron Cobosco, D Company, 1st Battalion, 128th Infantry Regiment, Madison, Wis., welcomes the opportunity to spread the knowledge he’s gained from the course to other unit supply sergeants. This enhances the unit’s ability to achieve its mission.

“Seeing where the shortfalls are so I can fix them is probably the biggest enhancer for our unit readiness. GCSS-Army is more important then I realized, since equipment readiness is two parts of the USR,” Cobosco said.