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NEWS | June 2, 2021

USAMU adds two more Olympians to Team USA; five bound for Tokyo

By Maj. Michelle Lunato U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit

Part 2 of the USA Shooting 50m Smallbore Olympic Trials concluded May 26 with two U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit Soldiers earning spots on Team USA, making the total of Olympians from the unit five.

Spc. Sagen Maddalena, a Groveland, California, native with the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit, earned her ticket to the Tokyo Olympic Games with a combined Trials score of 4704-245x, putting her second behind Mary Tucker’s (of University of Kentucky) 4706-242x.

After Part 1 of the Olympic Trials, Maddalena sat in fourth behind 2016 Gold Medalist Ginny Thrasher, Rachel McCollum and Tucker. After Part 2 of the Trials, the women’s leader board shifted, leaving Thrasher and Malori Brown as the Olympic Alternates since Tucker and Maddalena claimed the two Olympic berths.

In February 2020, Tucker and Maddalena competed side by side in the 10m Air Rifle Trials. Tucker claimed an Olympic berth there as well, and Maddalena was named an Olympic Alternate, along with fellow USAMU teammate, U.S. Army Reserve 1st Lt. Sarah Beard. The other Air Rifle Olympic spot went to Alison Weisz, who later joined the U.S. Army with a direct appointment to the USAMU’s International Rifle Team. Now, as a Soldier, she is Spc. Alison Weisz, and technically, was the USAMU’s first qualified Olympian for the 2020/1 Games.

For the Men’s Smallbore Team, Sgt. Patrick Sunderman, a Farmington, Minnesota native who is also with the USAMU, seized a ticket to Tokyo with a combined score of 4706-249x. Following behind him with a 4698-245x, was U.S. Army Reserve Staff Sgt. Nick Mowrer, who is part of the U.S. Army World Class Athlete Program.

Mowrer, like Tucker, had already earned an Olympic berth in 2020, but his first ticket came from the Air Pistol Trials. That makes this U.S. Army Reserve Soldier, the first U.S. shooting athlete to make an Olympic Team in both disciplines.

The Olympic Alternates for the Men’s 50m Smallbore event are U.S. Air Force Academy’s Peter Fiori and USAMU’s Sgt. Tim Sherry, whose final scores were only one and three points away from Mowrer’s final score, which made for an exciting Finals.

The other two USAMU Soldiers qualified for the Olympics are Sgt. Phillip Jungman, a Caldwell, Texas, native, and U.S. Army Reserve 1st Lt. Amber English. Both Jungman and English will represent the USA in the Skeet event and qualified at those Olympic Trials in March 2020.

The Smallbore Trials were the last outstanding event for the USAMU Soldiers who now have five qualified athletes headed to Tokyo. There are also six Soldiers named as Olympic Alternates. The complete list of Soldiers and their Olympic event/status is below.

Soldier Event Olympic Status

  • 1st Lt. Amber English* Women’s Skeet Olympian
  • Sgt. Phillip Jungman Men’s Skeet Olympian
  • Sgt. Patrick Sunderman Men’s 50m Smallbore Olympian
  • Spc. Alison Weisz Women’s 10m Air Rifle Olympian
  • Spc. Sagen Maddalena Women’s 50m Smallbore Olympian
  • Spc. Sagen Maddalena Women’s 10m Air Rifle Olympic Alternate
  • 1st Lt. Sarah Beard* Women’s 10m Air Rifle Olympic Alternate
  • Sgt. Tim Sherry Men’s 50m Smallbore Olympic Alternate
  • Staff Sgt. Seth Inman Men’s Trap Olympic Alternate
  • Sgt. Rachel Tozier Women’s Trap Olympic Alternate
  • Staff Sgt. Hayden Stewart Men’s Skeet Olympic Alternate

These Soldiers are U.S. Army Reserve Soldiers assigned the U.S. Army World Class Athlete Program and attached to the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit for training.

Still outstanding are the Paralympic Trials and the USAMU has one Soldier seeking a spot on that team, Staff Sgt. Kevin Nguyen. Those trials will happen in June.

To see photographs from the various trials, and the Soldiers mentioned above, go to the USAMU’s Flickr page at High resolution b-roll can be found on the Flickr page, but also on the unit’s DVIDS page as well

To arrange for interviews with the Soldiers, please email the USAMU Public Affairs office at

The U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit wins national and international shooting competitions, supports Army accessions, and advances small arms lethality to demonstrate Army marksmanship capability, enhance recruiting and increase marksmanship effectiveness in combat. USAMU is part of the U.S. Army Marketing Engagement Brigade and the U.S. Army Recruiting Command.