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NEWS | May 7, 2021

Uzzle selected as U.S. Army Reserve Command Inspector General’s 2020 Civilian of the Year

U.S. Army Reserve Command

Robin Uzzle is U.S. Army Reserve Command’s newest Inspector General (IG) Civilian of the Year for 2020.

Out of 28 eligible competitors, Uzzle, the IG operations division chief, now holds this title. Competitors must make significant contributions to the organization and the IG program, directly contributing to the readiness of their organization and the Army. They must also display character, competence and commitment while possessing the knowledge and skills expected of an outstanding leader.

When asked to characterize Uzzle’s performance Col. David R. Sonnek, Command IG, said “Ms. Uzzle is the teammate that every leader wants to have in their formation.”

Sonnek went on to say that most of all Uzzle “genuinely cares about her teammates and all of the Soldiers that come to the IG for assistance with a problem and ensures they get rapid solutions to whatever that issue may be.”

Uzzle’s ability to gain and maintain credibility with Soldiers, family members and civilians, as well as her vast experience, are what earned her the nomination for this award.

With over 10 years as a civilian IG, Uzzle most enjoys the people she gets to interact daily and feeling as if she is able to make a difference.

“Our command IG, Col. Sonnek, and deputy IG, Mr. Ronald Johnson, always challenge me to become the very best Department of the Army civilian among my peers and I enjoy the challenge,” Uzzle said.

This year, she looks forward to improving her technical skills and visiting subordinate IG offices in order to assist them in enhancing their IG operations. She wants people to know that “IG duty is career enhancing and provide a unique opportunity for officer and non-commissioned officers to gain a broader perspective and understanding of the Army.”

Uzzle is originally from Newport News, Virginia. She has four children and eight grandchildren.