NEWS | April 16, 2021

Farmington, Mo., native and 647th Regional Support Group (Forward) Soldier promoted to Sergeant

By FORT BLISS, Texas Fort Bliss Mobilization Brigade

Farmington, Missouri native and Unitec Career Center graduate, was promoted to the rank of sergeant in the United States Army Reserve during a ceremony at Fort Bliss, Texas, March 31, 2021.

Sgt. Dalton Skiles currently serves as a demobilization noncommissioned officer in the operations section with the 647th Regional Support Group (Forward), Fort Bliss Mobilization Brigade.

The 647th RSG (Forward) assumed authority of the Fort Bliss Mobilization Brigade in January 2021 and is responsible for managing, planning, and coordinating support services related to mobilization and demobilization. It serves as the pre-mobilization liaison for U.S. Army Reserve and National Guard Soldiers by providing administrative and logistical support prior to, during, and after mobilization.

Promotion to the rank of sergeant is portentous in the career of a Soldier. It indicates that an individual is ready to take on the responsibility of training and taking care of Soldiers. Promotion to sergeant also means the becoming part of the noncommissioned officer corps (NCO).

“Promotion to sergeant means a mark of responsibility and encouragement to lead and strive to be better,” said Skiles. “One of my primary goals when I enlisted was to become a NCO before I turned 20.”

NCOs are responsible for conducting the daily operations of the Army, maintaining order and discipline; and being trainers, mentors, advisors, and communicators.

“Sgt. Skiles provides expert mentorship and leadership and helps prepare junior Soldiers for Basic Leader Course (BLC),” said Sgt. Maj. George Kibuuka, operations noncommissioned officer in charge, 647th Regional Support Group (Forward), Fort Bliss Mobilization Brigade. “He has assumed the role of assistant tactical operations center noncommissioned officer in charge for daily operations. I have great confidence and high regards for the Soldier to excel and be an excellent NCO.”

Skiles views the promotion as an opportunity for him to mentor and further develop relationships with his Soldiers, peers, and leaders.

“I plan to lead Soldiers any way I can, from basic life skills to completing missions,” said Skiles. “I will never set the bar too low.”

Responsibilities for Sgt. Skiles are numerous. He’s responsible for coordinating and synchronizing the daily operations and working in conjunction with NCO’s from other sections on daily taskers.

“Sgt. Skiles is an imperative asset in the section,” said Kibuuka. “He goes above and beyond his assigned duties by providing transportation to both mobilizing and demobilizing units.”

“Sgt. Skiles is the multi-tool of the operations team,” said Maj. Casey Wolfe, operations officer in charge. “From sending out flight updates on weekends or being a driver when there is a need for an extra hand, Sgt. Skiles is always there to help, and does it with a smile on his face.”

Since enlisting three years ago as a motor transportation operator, Sgt. Skiles has grown tremendously and views the military differently.

“I joined the military because I was lost and originally wanted the military to be a backup,” Skiles said. “I have enjoyed being in the military so much that I plan to remain in and retire by age 40.”