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NEWS | March 25, 2021

228th Combat Support Hospital incoming Soldier

By Spc. Sara Rios 228th Medical Combat Hospital Forward Detachment 2

Spc. Shifali Westpfahl, a U.S. Army Reserve surgical technician Soldier, has recently joined the 228th Combat Support Hospital located in Fort Sam Houston, San Antonio, Texas.

It has been a year since she joined Bravo Company, and she has yet to attend a battle training assembly. As a Soldier living in Boston, she lives more than 400 miles from the unit and has not been able to attend battle assembly because of COVID capacity regulations. Westpfhal enlisted in the Army Reserve in 2017 and was supported by Raman, her mother, and Karan, her brother.

“I wanted to take advantage of the benefits the military has to offer, the ability to travel, and expand on experiences.”

The 228th Combat Support Hospital has many upcoming missions to help support the unit efficiency and readiness. Westpfhal has volunteered to attend the Unit Public Affairs Representative training in Ogden, Utah, and the inventory mission in San Antonio, Texas. Many lessons from military experiences can be applied to the civilian world.

“The biggest lesson I have learned from the military is the importance of working as a team. I have applied these skills and techniques to my civilian life and will continue to do so.”

Many Reserve Soldiers hold Military Occupational Specialties that they also use on the civilian side. Westpfahl is a surgical technician Soldier, and just completed her Surgical Technology Certification with the National Center for Competency Training.

“I worked on my certification for two years, the course was very rigorous, and I am really proud that I recently finished it.”

While some Soldiers have varying positions that do not relate to their Military Occupational Specialties, it is seamless to apply military skills to civilian jobs. Discipline, communication, and teamwork are just a few that can be applied. Westpfhal looks forward to continuing her military career with the 228th Combat Support Hospital and expanding her knowledge as a surgical technician.