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NEWS | March 18, 2021

9th MSC receives Good Neighbor Environmental Hero Award - Soldiers serve the community

By Capt. Christopher Kim 311th Signal Command (Theater)

Selfless service is one of the most important Army values that the Soldiers of the 9th Mission Support Command embraced and exercised for building a strong relationship with the city and county of Honolulu. Due to consistent participation and proactive community service projects, the 9th MSC was recognized for their devotion to the City and County of Honolulu.

Lt. Col Trujillo MacAnderson, the Director of Public Works for the 9th Theater Support Group, has seen the positive effects firsthand and proudly shares the Soldiers’ commitment to the City and County of Honolulu.

“The objective of our participation has always been to engage our 9th MSC Ohana with our local community. There is no better way to show devotion to the community.” MacAnderson said.

The Soldiers of the 9th MSC have answered the call of environmental stewardship and have been volunteering their own personal time to make a positive contribution in the Pearl City Bike path Clean-up, which has now been a proud tradition.

“Our yearly participation in the Pearl City Bike Path Clean-up is coming up to 14 years and we do not intend on stopping,” said MacAnderson. “I truly believe this event has improved the quality of life for the neighborhoods that our Soldiers live in as well as our own facilities on Oahu.”

As a result of the Pearl City Bike Path Clean-up, approximately two tons of debris were safely removed.

“This has helped the city to provide a cleaner and healthier place to live for Oahu residents, a place we all know and love and call home,” said Rick Blangiardi, the Mayor of Honolulu.

In conjunction with the Pearl City Bike Path Clean-up, the unit was awarded with the City and County of Honolulu's Good Neighbor and Environmental Hero Award for environmental contributions throughout the year of the pandemic.

In order to be compliant with the Covid-19 pandemic safety protocols, the award ceremony was held virtually for the recipients on February 10th and 13th. Col. Mark Schoenfeld, the Brigade Commander for the 9th MSC Theater Support Group, had the honor of receiving the plaque, which was made from recycled glass to honor the theme of environmental sustainability.

The Soldiers of the 9th MSC have been serving their community in this special way for over a decade in the midst of their busy schedules. This may seem like a challenge for some, but the 9th MSC Soldiers look at it as a great opportunity to serve.

“There are smaller clean-ups throughout the year where our participation is needed and that we have no problem finding a team to answer the call. It's the 9th MSC way, One Team,” said MacAnderson.

Lt. Col. MacAnderson states that this is just the beginning of the joint partnership with the City and County of Honolulu and the unit has no intention to slow down.