NEWS | Oct. 13, 2020

Medical Soldiers are Ready for Deployment

By (Courtesy article) 3d Medical Command (Deployment Support)

As the military continues to operate and adapt in a COVID environment, the importance of recognizing Soldiers and their Families remains unchanged. Recently, Soldiers from the 3d Medical Command (Deployment Support) DET 3 Theater Enabling Command-Medical held a departure ceremony for their upcoming deployment to Southwest Asia.

Soldier, and a limited number of Family members, gathered in a socially distanced ceremony before the team heads off to Fort Hood for training validation and ultimately overseas.

“The Soldiers of 3d MCDS DET 3 Theater Enabling Command- Medical are ready,” said Col. Jennifer MarrastHost, 3d MC(DS) DET commander.

3d MCDS FWD has a critical and far reaching mission that includes providing command and control support to theater medical assets within OPERATION SPARTAN SHIELD; setting the theater medical posture; conducting medical security cooperation within US Central Command Area of Operation in order to enable unified medical operations in support of the Combatant Command directives.

Speaking of her Soldiers, MarrastHost said, “We have some of the most diverse Soldiers who are experts in their fields. They bring their military knowledge of their specialties, and as Reserve Soldiers they are also armed with the knowledge of their civilian specialties.”

Col. MarrastHost expressed her pride and excitement in the mission by saying." I am most proud of how well the Soldiers have prepared in the constraint environment of COVID-19. They have proven to be innovative in solving complex problems, and continue to be motivated as challenges arise.”