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NEWS | Aug. 10, 2020

Medical Training Can Make the Difference Between Life and Death

By (Courtesy article) 411th Hospital Center

Working a live code is highly stressful and having a team that knows their roles can make the difference between life and death, said several members of the Code Blue Committee, from the 411th Hospital Center, at the US Military Hospital-Kuwait.

Soldiers at the USMK-K employ a Code Blue Committee that conducts weekly, mock medical code training events within the hospital, to maintaining the highest possible standards when working an emergency. The team works together, utilizing their specialties, as realistically as possible and train with at least one section weekly.

“Each member of the Code Blue team is selected to ensure the most effective and efficient response to a cardiac or respiratory arrest situation. The team consists of providers, nurses, medics, anesthesiologists, respiratory therapists, pharmacy members, laboratory members, and radiology members,” said, Staff Sgt. Daniell Ledezma, EMT NCOIC, with the 411th Hospital Center.

Pharmacy delivers all ACLS medications required for treatment. Respiratory therapists and anesthesiologists bring an intubation kit with supplemental oxygen. The EMT team brings a stretcher, cardiac monitor/defibrillator and equipment to gain IV access to administer medications.

“In addition to hands on training, the committee ensures hospital staff follow current hospital and ACLS protocols. This process guarantees that the sections and Code Blue team have adequate experience and training to manage a lifesaving event,” said, Ledezma.

This training is one of many way Soldiers from the 411th Hospital Center maintain readiness in each section of the hospital, including nonmedical shops.