NEWS | July 8, 2020

Deployed Field Sanitation Team Training

By Courtesy 3d Medical Command (Deployment Support)

Soldiers from the 790th MED DET (PM) recently conducted a hybrid Field Sanitation Team training course in Afghanistan. FST training is critical for Soldier safety because it mitigates the risk of disease and non-battle injuries.

“Many companies and units do not have organic medical personnel to help implement preventive medicine measures in the deployed environment and with proper FST training, companies and units can better ensure the health and safety of their Soldiers,” said Sgt. Adia Dobbs, Preventive Medicine Specialist, with the 790th MED DET.

Because of this, Soldiers from the 790th trained teams to be responsible for the preventive medicine measures for their unit that are beyond the resources of the individual Soldier. Such measures include the areas of food sanitation, waste disposal, water supply, heat and cold injuries, vector and pest control, and other health threats that affect unit readiness.

Conducting this class was not as simple as in the past, maintaining social distancing protective measures, was taken into consideration when training Soldiers both indoors and out. The unit maintained appropriate six-foot distance throughout our simulated training scenarios.

A hybrid course was developed that included smaller groups and reduced classroom time with multiple sessions.

“For our FST training, the personnel took the online portion of the class and we gave a review and the skills portion. The review was done inside and the skills were practiced and evaluated outside,” said Dobbs. Adding, "The skills portion needs to be hands on, but we conducted this outside maintaining six-foot distance throughout our simulated training scenarios."

Dobbs and the team were pleased with Soldiers adaptability to the training, saying, “The COVID-19 environment has added constraints to offering FST courses, but there are still ways to continue this important training.”