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NEWS | Aug. 8, 2019

Military Police Soldiers’ Energy Remains High During Training

By Capt. Phillip Choi 209th Broadcast Operations Detachment

Over 2,000 U.S. Army Reserve Military Police Soldiers made the trek through the training grounds at Camp Atterbury, Indiana, as part of Exercise Titan Warrior.

Titan Warrior is a major joint exercise planned by the 200th Military Police Command to provide trained and ready Soldiers to the Total Force in order to enable protection and promote the rule of law to win the nation’s wars.

At the same time Titan Warrior was happening, other 200th MP Command Soldiers were participating in River Assault 19 at Fort Hood, Texas, as part of their annual training. While there, the 303rd Military Police Company spent two weeks training on various training objectives to include conducting road blocks and checkpoints, performing military police support to gap crossing, and processing detainees at the point of capture / collection point

Major Justin D. Roman, operations and plans officer for Titan Warrior, said, “At Camp Atterbury, we focus on individual readiness and individual training - all the shoot, move, communicate, contaminate and decontaminate, and sustainment training, essentially Lieutenant General Luckey’s Ready 6 initiatives on individual training and tasks.”

The 200th MP Command planned and executed the exercise and oversaw the flow of each unit coming in and out of the training grounds at Camp Atterbury. With the inflow and outflow of Soldiers comes the need for a detailed logistics plan. In all, over two years of planning went into this exercise. 

Military Police Soldiers hold three occupational specialties, ranging from military police, detention operations, and criminal investigations special agents. Military police are widely accepted and trusted by the population, making their units suited for civil security either as a primary or support role.

Specialist Christopher Perkins with the 800th MP Company from El Dorado, Arkansas, said, “I just like the professionalism from the NCOs (noncommissioned officers) and staff, keeping people upbeat while we’re out here.”

Military police establish and maintain civil security and control while enabling the rule of law by policing local population in an operational environment when host nation policing and security are nonexistent or inadequate. They also maintain good order and discipline internally by policing Soldiers and civilians at military posts and camps.

When deployed, military police provide mission command for police organizations, providing operational area security and detention operations or resettlement operations.

The 200th MP Command is the senior law enforcement organization in the U.S. Army Reserve. Subordinate elements of the command are primarily military police units, but also include criminal investigation detachments. Units are dispersed across 33 states within the continental U.S.