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NEWS | June 29, 2019

Harvey assumes command of the 7th Mission Support Command; emphasizes NATO partnership in Europe as well as individual Soldier readiness

By Sgt. Daniel Friedberg, 7th MSC Public Affairs Office 7th Mission Support Command

KAISERSLAUTERN, Germany – U.S. Army Reserve Brig. Gen. Michael T. Harvey assumed command of the 7th Mission Support Command during a change of command ceremony, here, on NCO Field at Daenner Kaserne, U.S. Army Garrison Rheinland-Pfalz, June 29. 

The commanding officer of the 21st Theater Sustainment Command, Maj. Gen. Steven A. Shapiro, officiated the ceremony which was attended by the commanding officer of United States Army Europe, Lt. Gen. Christopher G. Cavoli, along with German Army and Government dignitaries, family members, and other guests of the 7th MSC, 21st TSC and U.S. Army Europe. 

Cavoli awarded the Legion of Merit to the unit´s outgoing commander, Brig. Gen. Frederick R. Maiocco a few minutes before the event began.

During the ceremony, Shapiro praised Germany´s partnership within NATO while saying what an honor it was for him to hear both nation´s anthems played at a U.S. Army ceremony. 

Shapiro then commended Maiocco for establishing new alternate ports and railheads in Poland after Cyclone Xavier unexpectedly disabled much of the Army´s standard logistical infrastructure in northern Europe during the fall of 2017. 

“Fred Maiocco is the most unflappable general officer, I think, in the Corps,” said Shapiro. “For U.S. Army Europe and Europe Command, you are the standard bearer.”

In his final address to his former unit, Maiocco thanked his Soldiers and the Army leadership in Europe for supporting his successful tour. 

“The unit has an incredible reputation,” said Maiocco. “Not only in the Army Reserve but also in the total force for high standards, for excellence.”

In his inaugural address as the 7th MSC’s newest commander, Harvey promised to be brief to the Soldiers standing in formation during one of Europe´s hottest recorded heat waves. 

“This assignment is an opportunity of a lifetime, it is a huge honor and I couldn´t be more proud to serve my country in this great unit,” said Harvey. 

Harvey said that Soldiers are motivated to guarantee that future generations enjoy freedom and that he has great confidence in his new organization. 

“We´re going to continue to sharpen our blades and be ready to go anytime to accomplish any mission,” he said.

Harvey also praised his German guests before explaining the importance of interoperability within NATO. 

“It is a great to be back to pay my respects to an ally that is 100% committed to freedom, to the dignity of human beings and to show America´s solidarity with the German people,” said Harvey. 

“The United States Army does not fight alone, we fight and win as a joint combined coalition force.”

Harvey explained that stability in Europe will continue to require military preparedness supported by skilled and fit Soldiers enabled by a strong NCO Corps. 

“It is critical that the U.S. stands with our allies and partners to increase lethality and maintain overmatch against future threats,” he said. 

“In readiness we will find peace.”