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NEWS | June 7, 2019

Soldiers with 9th Mission Support Command share their Father’s Day love

By Staff Sgt. David Overson 305th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment

 On June 16, many people will celebrate Father's Day, whether in spirit, together, or some other means.

But how did this day come about? According to Live Science, it began in May of 1909 by Sonora Smart Dodd of Spokane, Wash., while sitting in church listening to a Mother's Day sermon. At that moment, she decided she wanted to designate a day for her dad, American Civil War veteran William Jackson Smart. 

Her dad, who became widowed was now responsible for raising six children. The following year Dodd wanted to celebrate Father's Day on June 5th, as this was her father's birthday. She petitioned for the holiday to be recognized in her city, but due to needing more time to arrange festivities, the mayor pushed the date back two weeks, thus making June 19, 1910, the first ever celebrated Father's Day, according to the Spokane Regional Convention and Visitor Bureau.

With that in mind, Soldiers with the Army Reserve’s 9th Mission Support Command wished their fathers a special Father’s Day greeting.

With a teary eye Staff Sgt. Aloha Joy C. Romero, executive assistant to the 9th MSC’s commanding general, spoke fondly of her father Jose Romero.

“My father is a very hard working man, very loving and has always provided for us,” proclaimed Romero. “I want to thank him for raising us well, my little sister and I. He’s always been there for us from the beginning until today and I love him very much.”

President Lyndon Johnson issued the first presidential proclamation honoring fathers in 1966, but it wasn't until 1972 that President Richard Nixon signed the public law that made it a permanent holiday.

Staff Sgt. Kayla Alexander, a personnel sergeant assigned to the 4960th Multi-Functional Training Brigade, is very proud of her father Eddie Holt.

“I’m very proud of my father,” said Alexander. “He has come a long way and overcome a lot of hardships in his life. I’m proud of his resiliency and perseverance, and I want him to know that I love him and hope he has a great Father’s Day.” 

Similar to Mother’s Day, to ensure the day is always celebrated on a Sunday, the actual date fluctuates from year to year. 

The senior personnel officer assigned to the 303rd Maneuver Enhancement Brigade, Maj. Darren Walker, had nothing but praise for his father Claude Smith.

“My father means a lot to me,” said Walker. “He was a positive role model who taught me work ethic and instilled the need for strong religious family values. I love him and appreciate everything he taught me. He was a ‘lead by example’ type of man who didn’t say a lot, but he taught me how to be a man.” 

Staff Sgt. Lazuli Abuluyan, the executive noncommissioned officer for the 9th MSC’s command group, expressed love for her father Goody Abuluyan, who is retired and currently living in the Philippines.

“I wish my father was here with me, because I miss him very much,” said Abuluyan. “But I love him so much for always supporting me even though he’s miles away in another country.”

Fathers can play a vital role in everyone’s life, and for those who still have their fathers with them, they are truly blessed. So, from everyone at the 9th Mission Support Command, Soldiers and civilian employees alike, happy Father’s Day to all.