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NEWS | May 13, 2019

All Fueled Up

By Spc. Adam Worthey 300th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment

Preparing for combat is always a daunting task, but having the right people and equipment can make all the difference.

The 877th Quartermaster Company is one of the U.S. Army Reserve units supporting the Canadian Army during Maple Resolve 19. Maple Resolve is a joint, multinational training exercise with multiple countries and over 5000 troops that is hosted to validate the Canadian Army for future missions. The 877th Quartermaster Company’s primary mission is to provide fuel for the exercise. 

Sgt. Danielle Gomes, the non-commissioned officer in charge of the setting up and operating of the fuel station, said she has been working hard with her soldiers to try and cross-train them on how to be able to set up the equipment needed to complete the mission. Having the Canadians there and building that relationship has made things go a lot smoother for the company.

“They are so comfortable with giving us help and allowing us to work,” said Gomes, when talking about the Canadian Army. 

Even though some of the equipment has been different, the Quartermaster Company has been able to make it work. They have been able to incorporate their background knowledge to produce exceptional results. 

Pfc. Joel Jones, a Petroleum Specialist with the 877th Quartermaster Company, said that the training exercise has been an excellent opportunity for him to learn more about operating with multinational forces.

“It was awesome for me to have this unique experience so early in my career, and I feel like I’ve learned a lot”. Gomes said, “It also has been a great experience for my fellow Soldiers in the unit.”

Making the best of the situation and focusing on what is required to accomplish the mission has helped push the company to success during fuel point operations setting point and  working with their NATO counterparts.

“After all fuel leads the way,” said Gomes.