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NEWS | April 17, 2019

Fort Bliss Mobilization Brigade Transfer of Authority

By Capt. Joselyn Sydnor 653rd Regional Support Group

The 210th Regional Support Group, 1st Mission Support Command, transferred authority to the Fort Bliss Mobilization Brigade mission to the 653rd Regional Support Group, 311th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary), April 15, 2019, at the Fort Bliss Museum. 

The transfer of authority between the 653rd RSG and 210th RSG symbolized a changing of the guard where the 653rd RSG assumes control of the Fort Bliss Mobilization Brigade.

In conjunction with the CONUS Replacement Center and 5th Armored Brigade, the Fort Bliss Mobilization Brigade supports mobilizing and demobilizing Army Reserve and National Guard units with a cradle to grave approach which provides the training, logistical, administrative, personnel and quality of needs that units and Soldiers require prior to and after mobilization. 

The Army Reserve and National Guard make up over half of the total Army, and the 210th RSG helped to mobilize and prepare more than 70,000 Soldiers and civilians for operations all over the world.

“In the past 17 years of sustained conflict, we’ve become very reliant on RC (Reserve component) units to mobilize, train, deploy, fight and win on behalf of our nation,” said Col. Steve O. Murphy, Fort Bliss Garrison commander. “Hence, the mobilization brigade‘s impact isn’t localized here to Fort Bliss, but across all theaters of conflict to where we deploy our RC Forces.”

The 210th RSG of Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, mobilized a year during the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, which decimated the island, but the unit still succeeded in the face of adversity.

“Simply put, and unequivocally, the 210th RSG excelled in their role as the Fort Bliss Mobilization Brigade since their assumption of authority last May,” said Murphy.

The 653rd RSG of Mesa, Arizona, assumes control of a mission that serves as force generator throughout the force around the world. And while the mobilization for the 653rd RSG is a stateside deployment, the mission is just as critical. 

“We know the bottom line is taking care of the sons and daughters of this nation and ensuring the combatant commanders get their capabilities on time,” said Col. Chandra Roberts, 653rd RSG commander. “We know we’ve got to be flexible, we’ve got to be adaptive and anticipate things.”

Just as the many Reserve component units and Soldiers who mobilized in support of the mission here, each unit’s approach to the mission is typically the same.

“We executed every mission like we were going to fight,” said Col. Javier Rivera, 210th RSG commander. “My admiration to all the NCOs (non-commissioned officers) and Soldiers who executed their mission to perfection.”

The 210th RSG will redeploy to Puerto Rico near the end of the month.