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NEWS | Feb. 4, 2019

4th ESC conducts tactical yearly training brief

By Maj. Thomas Piernicky 4th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary)

U.S. Army Reserve leaders from the 4th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) assembled to conduct the yearly training brief for Maj. Gen. Eugene LeBoeuf, commander of the 79th Theater Sustainment Command, here Feb. 2, 2019. Yearly training briefs allow senior commanders to understand what their subordinate units are doing to train and prepare for future operations. 

Traditional yearly training briefs are multiday affairs with each unit briefing their personnel and equipment readiness statistics. The 4th ESC took the opportunity to use the brief as a training event and set up equipment to make the unit drill hall a more tactical environment. 

“Every event is a training event,” said U.S. Army Reserve Col. Robert Lewis Penn, assistant chief of staff of the 4th ESC. “We need to practice setting up in a tactical environment to refine our skills.”

The 4th ESC staff set up a camouflage tents, state-of-the-art communications equipment and computers that are typically used in the field and while deployed. This equipment facilitates communication between units across vast distances in near real time. 

The command teams and staff used this equipment to simulate an exchange of information as though they were in different locations. 

“We have fully functional communications which lets us identify trends and provide analysis,” said Penn. “Doing this allows us to put out valuable info on all levels.”

These efforts align with the Army’s preparation to combat near-peer conventional armies on the move, compared to stationary forward operating bases that are the norm for America’s war on terror in Iraq and Afghanistan.

With the equipment and facilities in place, the briefing started with LeBoeuf providing his guidance and vision for how the 79th will focus their efforts to be ready for America’s future wars. 

“The focus is on training and how we are going to maximize the resources available,” said LeBoeuf. “The nation is investing a lot in each of us to ensure we are ready to go.”

LeBoeuf stressed the importance of individual soldier readiness and the need to be physically and mentally fit. 

“The individual soldier is the base of our Army and that is what sets us apart from our enemies,” said LeBoeuf. 

LeBoeuf’s vision of soldier readiness includes getting familiar and comfortable with their assigned equipment. By using computer automated systems to conduct the yearly training brief, the 4th ESC command teams had the chance to practice for future operations. 

Gaining familiarity with equipment requires the discipline to use it. With repeated use of equipment, a unit gains mastery and reduces the time it takes to conduct operations. 

“The best units are disciplined in excellence,” said LeBoeuf. 

The 4th ESC’s command teams and staff have proven their excellence and stand ready to deploy in support of our nation’s operations around the globe. 

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The 4th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) is part of the 79th Theater Sustainment Command. The 4th ESC has units throughout Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas. As part of America’s Army Reserve, the units are capable, combat-ready, lethal and equipped to provide military and logistical support in any corner of the globe.