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NEWS | July 12, 2018

USARCMP takes to the field in the 2018 Interservice Precision Pistol Competition

By Sgt. 1st Class John Buol Army Reserve Marksmanship Program

U.S. Army Reserve Competitive Marksmanship Program (USARCMP) Service Pistol shooters competed against the best competitors from all branches of the DOD throughout a five-day competition consisting of Precision Pistol (NRA and CMP) using accurized .22, CenterFire, .45, and Service Pistols, Jun. 17 – 22, 2018.


The overall Team consisted of 13 USARCMP members. USAR Black was the primary six-person team element for Team matches.


USAR Black:

Lt. Col.  Patrick Sleem (Service Pistol Team OIC), Sgt. Maj. George Greene (Service Pistol Team noncommissioned officer in charge), Lt. Col. Mitchell Rosnick, Master Sgt. Christopher Taylor, SSG  Jonathan Rosene, and Sgt.  Nickolaus Mowrer.


The USARCMP roster also included Lt. Col. Luis Garcia, Maj. Thomas Bourne, Sgt. 1st Class Brenn Combs, Sgt. 1st Class Joshua Rosendorn, Sgt. 1st Class John Buol, Sgt. Robert Farrell, and Sgt. Matthew Elliot.



– USAR Black was High Reserve and 2nd Overall.

– USAR Black finished in the top three of all Team matches, including, .22, CenterFire, .45, Service Pistol, 2700 Team Agg, and Overall Team Agg.

– Staff Sgt. Rosene was 1st Place Reservist, 2nd overall .22, and 2nd Director’s Match.

– Lt. Col. Sleem, Lt. Col. Rosnick, Staff Sgt. Rosene, Sgt. Mowrer had multiple top ten overall finishes.

– A USARCMP Team shooter made the top ten of all individual matches fired.


.22, 2nd Overall agg

Staff Sgt. Rosene


Top ten .22:
Lt. Col. Rosnick, Lt. Col. Sleem, Sgt. Mowrer

USAR Black

.22 Team, Third Place
Lt. Col.  Rosnick, Sgt. Maj.  Greene, Staff Sgt.  Rosene, Sgt.  Mowrer


CenterFire Individual

Staff Sgt. Rosene and Sgt. Mowrer had multiple top ten finishes


USAR Black
CF Team, Second Place
Lt. Col. Sleem, Lt. Col. Rosnick, Staff Sgt. Rosene, Sgt. Mowrer


.45 Individual
Sgt. Mowrer and Staff Sgt. Rosene had multiple top ten finishes


.45 Team
USAR Black, Third Place
Staff Sgt. Rosene, Sgt. Mowrer, Lt. Col. Rosnick, Lt. Col. Sleem


Service Pistol (“ball gun”) Individual

Top ten finishes from Lt. Col. Sleem, Staff Sgt. Rosene, and Sgt. Mowrer.


Service Pistol (“ball gun”) Team
USAR Black, Third Place


Staff Sgt. Rosene 2nd Overall


Overall Individual
Staff Sgt. Rosene top ten 2700 NRA and Overall Individual aggregate


Overall Team                                               
USAR Black 2nd Place 2700 agg
USAR Black 2nd Place Overall agg
1st Place Reserve Component team