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NEWS | Feb. 22, 2018

Army Reserve medical unit from Fargo prepares for deployment

By Maj. Sean A. Taylor Army Reserve Medical Command

Soldiers assigned to Army Reserve Medical Command’s 7410th Troop Medical Clinic, based in Fargo, are preparing for a year long deployment this spring to Fort Hood, Texas. The medical unit will be tasked with running a medical clinic for units training and mobilizing through North Fort Hood.

“We will be running a clinic that will provide sick call operations in the morning and respond to injuries that may occur in the training environments,” explained Staff Sgt. Andrew Sha, the 7410th plans and operation non-commissioned officer in charge (NCOIC). Sha, a Fargo native and 18-year veteran is ready to take his team to Fort Hood and is confident in their capabilities in support of their mission.

‘We are a small, tight knit unit. We already know we work well together and I am confident we will succeed,” stated Sha. The team will provide services to units deploying through Fort Hood and has the ability to support up to 12,000 Soldiers if needed.

Army Reserve Medical Command’s primary mission is to provide medical personnel and units to support active army bases and mobilization sites in order to sustain military operations around the world. This has been the objective for its subordinate medical units to train and prepare troops to activate quickly to support these type of operations.

The 7410th TMC is a subordinate unit to 7456th Medical Backfill Battalion, headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa. “We have a unit currently deployed to Fort Bliss, Texas supporting a training site at Camp McGregor,” reported Col. James Kerby, 7456 MBB Commander. “I have the 7410th heading to Fort Hood and two more units we are preparing to deploy if needed.”

“Overall, I am extremely proud of our Soldiers with the responsibility they’ve been given,” stated Kerby.

Many of the deploying Soldiers from the 7410th, like Staff Sgt. Sha, have deployed numerous times over the last 15 years; however, there are several Soldiers excitedly anticipating their first active duty deployments.

Pvt. 1st Class Subash Sah, a college student at nearby Moorhead, Minnesota will be deploying for his first time and will be serving as a dental assistant. Sah, originally from Nepal, joined the military through the Military Accessions Vital to National Interest (MANVI) program where foreign nationals can work towards citizenship through military service. He became a U.S. citizen in August 2016, shortly before the program was suspended.

Sah says that he is excited to serve but also nervous to leave his newlywed wife and family for a year. He says they are making plans to be able to see one another on special occasions throughout the year. Sah is also ready to get hands on experience as a dental assistant since he gets little time to train in that area while he studies computer engineering at the University of Minnesota-Moorhead.

“This will be a different mission than we had a few years ago at Ft. Carson,” stated Lt. Col. Rebecca Joyce, 7410th Commander. Joyce explained that they were dealing more with paperwork issues on their last deployment but this time they will be giving hands-on medical care.

The 7410th TMC is trained, ready and excited to provide medical support to units deploying in support of current operations world-wide.