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NEWS | Jan. 19, 2018

Troop Projects a Win-Win for Army Reserve Soldiers and Installations

By Amy Phillips Fort Hunter Liggett Public Affairs Office

The team of 24 engineers specializing in surveying, planning and design provided “turn-key” packets to the garrison. These design packets are handed over to military construction units to execute as additional troop projects. Troop projects significantly reduces costs for the garrison because they wont have to go to a civilian contractor to get the work done.

“We are different than a lot of units, where a lot of us actually are engineers in our civilian capacity,” said Maj. Nathan Felosi, the officer in charge of the 415th Engineer Facility Detachment. For those that don’t have engineering background, troop projects provide real-world training with tangible results.

In addition to the packets, a pavilion at Blackhawk Park was rebuilt because some Soldiers in the survey team happened to have construction expertise.

“This design/survey team did a great job and put multiple project packets together and we appreciate all the hard work done for FHL,” said Trena Beebe, the garrison Public Works Dept. Troop project coordinator.
Units that conducted training here were the 926th Engineer Brigade, Montgomery, Ala.; 415th Engineer Facility Detachment, Knoxville, Tenn.; and 763rd Engineer Facility Detachment, Columbia, S.C.

Engineers play a critical role at home and abroad, providing specialized skills that support the Total Army mission. Army Reserve engineer units work alongside their active duty counterparts in training exercises and deployments to meet mission requirements.

According to Lt. Col. Henry Carlile, the officer in charge of projects by the 763rd Engineer Facility Detachment, engineer units are constantly deployed due to their specialized skills. The reserve component provides the majority of construction engineers in the Army.

FHL has a TASS (The Army School System) Training Center that hosts engineer and other military skills courses throughout the year. There are several types of engineer career fields: horizontal construction, technical engineer, watercraft engineer, and engineer officer.